Game Jam 2.0 - COMPLETE!

Hey everyone, ready for another game jam!?

From 5 Dec to 12 19 Dec create a new game alongside others and experience the creative process together!

Be sure to use the Game Jam 2 Folder!

Why should I join?
You’ve just been donwloading games? Time to make your own!
Top 3 games will win prizes! The winners will be chosen based on how complete the game is, how fun/unique it is, and how well it fits the theme…
Best Game will win a special edition Arduventure Arduboy!

The games submitted have to match the Game Jam theme…
(will be announced soon)

How to join?
Simply submit your game on the community forum by 6PM PDT (US West coast) on Dec 12th to be entered into the contest

Need some help?
Create a thread in this forum / share your progress on social media with #arduboyjam.
Get help from fellow game developers, or use the forums to create teams or find people to work with!

No Arduboy?
Don’t worry! You can submit a game for PC too.
It just needs to:

  • fit the chosen theme
  • 1-bit
  • can only use 6 buttons
  • be at a resolution of 128x64

Are you ready for a challenge? Game on! :tada:



本当の休日である必要はありません :wink:

1 x Arduventure Arduboy!

12月12日12AM PDTによるコミュニティフォーラムでゲームを提出するだけです





Does this technically mean it could be a PICO-8 game? (as long as it was the correct bit-depth and resolution?)

I wonder if I can balance doing this and Dark & Under?
(And testing RougeBoy…)
(And doing those other projects I’ve started and haven’t finished…)

So much to do, so much to see…

I’m ready although I’m in the middle of something. Hey @pharap can it wait?

Can the game jam wait? No, its happening in less than a day!

Since submission is 12midnight PDT, announcement will be made 8am PDT Tuesday 5 Dec.

so what’s wrong with taking the backstreets?


Dark & Under can’t wait, we’ve got a deadline.

That said if no more bugs crop up I might be able to find time.

That’s UTC-07:00, so submission time is 5th December at 07:00 UTC and announcement time is 15:00 UTC.

You’ll never know if you don’t go

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You’ll never shine if you don’t glow

Annoucement 5th December at 5pm UTC (8am PST), submission 13th December at 8am UTC (12th Dec 12am PST).

Yes @Dreamer3 :slight_smile:

Half an hour early but here goes…

Theme for the Arduboy Game Jam 2.0 is…

Holidays! :tada::sparkles:


Doesn’t need to be a real holiday, doesn’t need to be season specific… Let’s get weird.

Post your progress with #arduboyjam!

Best of luck!!


Gotta love the 90s. :D

Right, didn’t realise PDT was the DST version.

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Only if you missed the 80’s :wink:


Already got some sprites mocked up!!


To clarify the theme is any holiday that you celebrate non-denominational or otherwise! You could theoretically make a birthday themed game if you want.

This however will be completely objectively evaluated by community members in the vote so pandering is always a good strategy!

I also just created Game Jam 2 folder to disambiguate from the excellent collection of games made last time.

Remember Ardufolks, last time everyone who submitted a game won something last time!


This sentence sponsored by the Department of Redundancy Department :stuck_out_tongue:


PRIZES!!! me Want Some Prizes!


noooo!!! so violent for the holidays! :cry: :wink:

hmm just getting an idea now …

Let’s see if I can jam it upbefore the dead line.


I may not complete it in time but I am thinking I can repurpose my Karateka game.

57 pm

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Hmm. I guess I’m very late but let’s try… Starting NOW!!!

I want to enter but I can’t think of anything.
(Plus I’ve got other stuff I want to finish.)

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Seems like a few people could use a more time, would it be worthwhile or fair to extend it to the end of the week?