Game Jam 2.0 - COMPLETE!



(Vincentius Madya) #27

My attempt for this Arduboy Jam :smile:

(Holmes) #28

Woot! Jump on in and make something new! :smiley:

(Kevin) #29

We are EXTENDING the game jam one more week until December 19th! We’ve all been extra busy this holiday. If you’re nearly done it’s more time for you to polish your game. If you haven’t even started this gives you enough time to slap something together!

(Cody) #30

Thank you!!! If I can get my level issue solved I can add more 15+ mabey!

(OBONO) #31

I submitted a new game for jam. :gift:

Oh, the due date was extended?
Anyway, this is final version.

(Kevin) #32

When we vote I would encourage the community to award higher points for people done sooner!

(Scott R) #33

Maybe assign a bonus point on entries submitted by the original end date?

(Molly C) #34

Oh If I knew there would be bonus we would have submitted yesterday. We were hoping to add more to the game since the deadline has been extended.

(Kevin) #35

There are no actual categories or metrics, its just mob rule. I’m just trying to influence peoples minds! :smiley:

(Holmes) #36

I say, do it! :smiley:


I’m on it. But I changed to a less violent idea though :slight_smile: looking forward to continue working on it in the weekend (too burnt out on weekdays lately)

(Felipe Manga) #38

I say, more violent! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fernando Jerez) #39

I’m in!! now testing a ‘proof of concept’ and this weekend i could publish something playable. :grinning:

(Fernando Jerez) #40

I’m jammin!.
Almost complete a Golf game. ’ Ardu-Turf’ as a tribute of the classic ‘Neo-turf masters’

Now it’s playable but tomorrow (too late now here in spain) i’ll try to manage the EEPROM to save progress.

I don’t know if Golf is related to holidays but golf players have a lut of fun hitting balls with their sticks :wink:

(Simon) #41

Looks great … and definitely golf and holidays are connected!

(Holmes) #42

HELLO! The deadline is approaching! I haven’t been able to do much because of some family things, but I’ll be finishing my game up tomorrow after work!

@Celinebins, On the 19th, what time will our submissions be due? 6PM PDT? Maybe update the original post in this thread, too… It still says the deadline is the 12th in several places!

(Celine) #43

Dateline has been extended to 19th Dec 6pm PDT! (Which ends up being the 20th Dec for a lot of other people in different time zones) We hope that would buy everyone enough time to complete your games :smiley:

(Chamekan) #44

Test post.
It’s my game.
Not completed yet.

(Scott R) #45

This looks so cool :+1:t2: