Game Jam 2.0 - COMPLETE!

(Simon) #50

Lokos great @crait … is there a game in there too?

(Holmes) #51

No video of the gameplay just yet! Having to convert the images over and stuff! It’ll be a fighting game. >:-D

(Simon) #52

… can’t wait to see the end result. Looks great!

(Pharap) #53

My entry, only 5-ish hours before the deadline.
(Which, compared to my college coursework submissions, is early.)


Okay here’s my entry for the game Jam. A mini logic game in an Xmas jacket :slight_smile:

(Chamekan) #55

Here’s my game!

(Pharap) #56

2 hours 18 minutes remain!

(Holmes) #57

Can’t forget to post mine, here! Already made a thread where you can download it, too!

(Jay Garcia) #58

I’m submitting our Space shooter, EVADE 2:

Best way to upload is the following:

  • Clone the repo:
  • Connect your arduboy & turn it on
  • (on mac & ubuntu linux, execute) – Short for “Compile and load”
    – when prompted, press the reset button on your device.

To fit as much as possible into the game, we had to forego the USB libraries, which means to re-flash your device, you have to follow the standard reset procedure (not flashlight mode).

We filled the device to the brim to make this release possible:
Program size is 28672 bytes (100%) of a maximum 28,672 bytes!

First first-person Flight simulator for the Arduboy.
3 x enemies
3 x “Aces” (think bosses)
11 total songs
Space Balls (don’t crash into them!)
Smooth scalable vector graphics

Hex file:


Instruction insert (FRONT)

Instruction insert (BACK)

(Fernando Jerez) #59

Lots of nice games!!
I’ll need more time to play them all than developing mine. :smile:

Thanks to all the Jammers!!

(Felipe Manga) #60

Source / Hex links are dead?

(Fernando Jerez) #61

mmm… broken links?

(Felipe Manga) #62

I was caught playing golf at work, today. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jay Garcia) #63

Thank you @FManga and @FerJerez. I forgot to make the repo public. :man_facepalming:

The repo is HUGE because we had to write some command line scripts to allow upload via Arduino IDE supporting tools.

this allowed us to fit 5K more content :slight_smile:

(Fernando Jerez) #64

hahaha :joy:

Hoe you enjoy the game, i’m improving my card (scroe=61) :wink:

(Fernando Jerez) #65

Just listening the music now. Love it

Thanks for Sharing in Sound cloud, that’s a great idea!!

(Jay Garcia) #66

My pleasure. I have some “remix” ideas already brewing :stuck_out_tongue:

(Felipe Manga) #67

The soundcloud is great, I wouldn’t be able to hear the music without it!
ArduboyRecording (8)

(Jay Garcia) #68

Oh you are using the sim? :frowning:

(Felipe Manga) #69

Yeah, I don’t have an arduboy yet. I’ll have to wait a bit. -_-