Game Jam 3.0 [Complete!]

I only just noticed this post … I reckon I could be good at this genre!

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Well all I did so far would fit that theme lol


I’m not one for referencing Disney songs, but I like animals so:

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Still have not decided on a theme yet love the suggestions!

Summer time is here! Sports could be a theme lol

Ok I’ll just toss a few my ideas in here along with some of the suggestions. This poll is not binding, I reserve the right to totally change the topic to something new at the last minute. This technically only is to help the decision process. But chances are good if the results are strong and I am lazy it will be the one that gets picked. #realtalk

What should for the gam jam topic be?

  • Star Plan [see picture below]
  • Balance [open ended interpretation]
  • Education [teach something]
  • Kusoge [intentionally difficult gameplay]
  • City Life
  • Love and War
  • Sports

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Sports sounds fun. Something crazy like Unicorn BMX would be great.

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What is star plan is that meant to be star wars.

Yeah … how to get around copyright, Chinese-style.


star wabs___star wart That is just great. :laughing:

They aren’t my pics but I have seen these in Malaysia many times … I always laugh!

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I’m really liking open themes such as “balance” or “two worlds”.

I’ve looked at the themes of the past Ludum Dare and some of them have nice themes like “You only get one” or “The more you have, the worse it is”. I mean, i didn’t run any game jam and i’m a beginner at codding but themes like this have a lot of room to interpretation which means lot of different kind of games.

Kusoge make me laugh, i could rename my unfinished first game like that xD


Wait, I don’t understand what is the “Star Plan” theme…

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It means to emulate a franchise but due to copyrights you can not actually use the name.

So Star Plan could mean… Star Trek. ('cause star wars is meh) :vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:

I totally dig this Star Plan :grin:


I have an idea on how to do this. It might be a good idea, or it might also be a bad idea instead. Hopefully it’s good.


Could be so bad that it’s good? lol


Yeah, we’d need something vague enough to make a big variety of cool games. <3 :smiley:

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One thing is for sure: It is fun even before it starts, i am laughing on many comments, has to be even better when this starts😆

That’s more like the definition of kusoge :P

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