Game Jam 3.0 [Complete!]

My theme suggestion is The Outdoors you know the real one like the wilderness, camping, hiking the kind of place where you should be taking your Arduboys.


The spirit of a game jam is that you start a game at the same time as everyone else with the same completion date goal.


Thank you , i may need that in the future. I am learning how difficult it will be the more I learn about coding. But i have to give it the college try right?

Yes … thank you @crait Crait.

As I said, you know what I have been working on and don’t believe me if I try to tell you it was done in the jam period.

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A bit late for new suggestions, we’ve already got a poll.
(Unfortunately it’s getting buried by all the comments.)

Interestingly, I went outdoors once.
The graphics were terrible.


Still a nice idea, could keep this in mind for the next game jame, arduboy special edition or whatever :wink:
I love the outdoor graphics, they are quite … natural and colorful😆

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Depends where you live, in most of Britain it’s nothing but grey skies and broken pavements.



The graphics from Brooklyn NY are state of the art.

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I approve of the jacket with the cat geisha/maiko.

Though I hope the 3 year old driving that golf cart in the background has a licence.
Clearly he’s played too much GTA already. :P


Sorry if I seemed kinda rude! I was just making sure everyone (in general) was more aware of how game jams typically work. There are a lot of people who enter their first on this forum. :slight_smile:

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lol … no problem. Just making sure that you are all looking for Juno First and not my other game Ceres Second.

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Nobody better try and sneak in games they have already been working like last time @JayGarcia :eyes:

I mean, I suppose you could technically get away with it if you’ve not told anyone you are working on the game already, and it’s feasible you could create the game in a week (and theoretically you can do just about anything in a week with Arduboy). So we are really on the honor system here.

Please do post your new games up elsewhere on the community! Or I mean, even use a lot of your game engine to create a new game. Create a sequel to one of your old games that fits the theme. These would be valid entries. But just a last minute pivot on something you’ve been working on for months is against the spirit of what we are hosting here.

That said, if there is any doubt over when development started on anyone’s games, I withhold the right to make carte blanche judgement over what is qualified or not. I’ll take input from other users and moderators and such.

Anyways, just make a new game and it won’t be a problem.


I wasn’t going to mention it yet because it’s still in early alpha,
but since we’ve got a “even use a lot of your game engine to create a new game” which I presume extends to using 3rd party libraries,
and as I know people tend to struggle with data structures…

I’ve got a data structure (and other thing) library I’ve been slowly adding to,
so I’ll make this specific early access version available for the jam:

Very brief documentation is on the README.
If in doubt, read the header files.

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That’s who I was thinking of. Go @JayGarcia !!

I have used the queue and stack structures from these utils in my games and they work extremely well. As you can see from the code, they are all templated to allow for different data types.

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I’m just thinking about some possible game ideas. I think I’m ready. Can you tell?


OMG :open_mouth: is that @filmote and @Mr.Blinky’s love child ?


Where did you get that hat?

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I wanted the green alien one and had a hard time finding one, they seemed to be sold out everywhere. But found a French online store that still has some. :star_struck: