Game Jam 5: Pretty Simple [Complete!]

Do tell? Does it include particles?

My progress. I think I am going to finish, but I am working solely off ported APIs and the emulator. I think my Arduboy has seen too much abuse and I can currently only successfully flash small, trivial programs.

If anyone wants to Beta on real hardware, I am really interested in whether the visual performance is near 24fps, especially on the last scene.

Still have a few secrets I hope to get into the final build.

<-A B -> Revert/Advance screen
Arrows Modify Body shape (3rd screen)

  1. Pick a base vehicle
  2. Modify the body
  3. Get your road / wind tunnel scores

I am reusing assets from a tech demo, but the game logic is new. I also borrowed the the score number assets from ShadowRunner, mentioned in a code comment. I plan to remake those numbers specifically to avoid any crossing any lines unless someone talks me out of it. If any of that seems outside the rules please let me know.

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Yes I want it to but my coding skills are bad, I can probably make the particles but I don’t know how efficient they would be.

@blakewford this looks rally interesting. I will download it after work and see what it looks like on real hardware.

I just got the core mechanics of the game working, just got to add the effects and frame it with a title and prologue screen!

Anyone have any tips for writing particles? I’m going to want to make them a class and create objects right? Uh oh… I’m gonna end up learning something here…

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To my eternal shame.

Didn’t I port this to Arduboy already? I guess I just made the teapot, not a torus. Huh.

Particles and screenshake is what I am about to add into my game. :sweat_smile: 60% memory usage, so I am worrying a little. :sweat_smile:

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I’m at 68% and I haven’t added any graphics!

You made both, you started with the torus and I goaded you into doing the teapot. I didn’t realize the donut on hackaday was yours! The internet goes full… CIRCLE!

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Before I saw the prize list I had never heard of the arduboy mini but my eyes have now been opened to the wonders of miniaturising a miniture gameboy based handheld and it is just the funniest thing I have ever seen! honestly its the size of my thumb!


One week left!

I released ‘Evasion’ for Game Jam 5. Check it out!


Quick bump to remind people that the deadline is just over 2 hours away:


I turned in my game, Insane Skulls. Not enough sleep for me to add in more particles, so it looks just okay, unfortunately… :pensive: I don’t expect to win since there are some really cool games, this time around! (This is a good thing! :+1:) That said, I am curious about the elusive mini Arduboy. :smiling_imp:

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I think we all are!

Prizes took 6 months to go out last time, will take less this time. Hopefully.


The Arduboy Game Jam 5 is complete!

18 games were made for the Game Jam in under a month! Most Impressive!

Here is a list, check these games out and start thinking about how you might rank them.

Voting starts TOMORROW and will last ONE WEEK, giving you plenty of time to promote your game on social media and get your friends in the community to try out your game!




Oops! Sorry I missed it during the copy paste bonanza!

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You can now vote for your favorite game!


The Game Jam 5 is complete! I’ve posted the winners at the top of this thread and discussed more about it here: