Game Jam 5: Pretty Simple [Complete!]

Did I focused on simple? Sí?


Top marks for shuffling your Arduboys like a pack of cards,
but I notice a distinct lack of code. :P

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I saw a MicroCard in there!

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I am trying to keep it as simple as possible :smiley:

That’s right :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice try. :P

Just remember you need to post the source code and the hex when you actually submit it:

Does this mean that the code must be available under an open source license or just that the source must be “open” for viewing but can be more restrictive in its allowed use?

For instance, @crait’s Circuit Dude for the Arduboy makes the source available but the license text within the source includes:

Even though the source code is available to the public, this software is not ‘open-source’.

Would this game have qualified for Game Jam 5?

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Yes, it is just not finished yet. It was just a teaser


I made this demoscene fire effect inspired by the Doom PSX Fire. Pressing A toggles the effect. It’s pretty but not really a game? Would it qualify as an entry?

edit: looks way cooler on the actual hardware than the emulator!


Beginnings for a flame grilled burger simlator? :hamburger:

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If that was the boot loaded sequence, I would have left it in my games!

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okay since we’re sharing hexes. here’s a peek at what I’m working on. Hopefully I don’t jinx it.

A partial animation to see if my idea looks visually okay to me. No game logic. Just something to watch.

badorange-test-1.hex (19.2 KB)


Fantastic! You need graphics of Veruca Salt - ‘she was a bad egg!’


If that was the boot loaded sequence, you would have a lot less program space for your games :stuck_out_tongue:

So true!   

Thank you so much for that image @jhhoward you’re gonna see that all over the place now! Hahaha

@Mr.Blinky Nice! I’m envisioning really cool explosions when you miss one :smiley:

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@jhhoward are you going to add more features to your game? Like the buttons controlling different parameters? Maybe the arrow keys can have a wind effect??

UPDATE: and have it play e1m1 song.

I finally got my game’s menu kinda done. Lots of graphical assets to make a simple and ancient concept pretty. I wanna post some screenshots, soon. Here are the characrers for the game, though: (Maybe you recognize some of them)


Looks fantastic. I sure recognise the chicken and cowboy from your other games! The dinosaur looks like the one from the Chrome browser game,.

All I’m seeing is a tile matching game or columns type game where a circuit dude match will clear the screen in an explosion