Game Jam 5: Pretty Simple [Complete!]

If that was the boot loaded sequence, I would have left it in my games!

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okay since we’re sharing hexes. here’s a peek at what I’m working on. Hopefully I don’t jinx it.

A partial animation to see if my idea looks visually okay to me. No game logic. Just something to watch.

badorange-test-1.hex (19.2 KB)


Fantastic! You need graphics of Veruca Salt - ‘she was a bad egg!’


If that was the boot loaded sequence, you would have a lot less program space for your games :stuck_out_tongue:

So true!   

Thank you so much for that image @jhhoward you’re gonna see that all over the place now! Hahaha

@Mr.Blinky Nice! I’m envisioning really cool explosions when you miss one :smiley:

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@jhhoward are you going to add more features to your game? Like the buttons controlling different parameters? Maybe the arrow keys can have a wind effect??

UPDATE: and have it play e1m1 song.

I finally got my game’s menu kinda done. Lots of graphical assets to make a simple and ancient concept pretty. I wanna post some screenshots, soon. Here are the characrers for the game, though: (Maybe you recognize some of them)


Looks fantastic. I sure recognise the chicken and cowboy from your other games! The dinosaur looks like the one from the Chrome browser game,.

All I’m seeing is a tile matching game or columns type game where a circuit dude match will clear the screen in an explosion

Ohh, that sounds fun. :grin: It’s based off of Crazy Bones, so the gameplay will kinda be like Chicken Launcher.

I made my fire demo into more of a game and is now an entry into the jam:


@bateske, if you want particles, here’s a 2 year old really simple demo that I forgot about :P

Stars.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex (21.4 KB)

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I said starfields don’t count!

Here’s a preview for me:

Lots of work to do, still.

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You said “paralllax star fields”.
This isn’t a parallax star field (though I do have one of those too), this is a proper particle system.

Particles are emitted from the centre of the screen and each particle is given a velocity which is constrained to an angle that is a multiple of 1/32 of a circle (e.g. a multiple of 11.25 degrees).

Ok fine you win the whole company now you have to ship everyone Arduboys, surprise this was willy wonka all along.


If that’s the case then you also owe me a trip into space first. :P

Note: I forgot, this doesn’t actually have parallax, it’s just a load of stars being drawn as a background.
That’s easily fixed though.

I actually have an idea for a game with particle physics, I hope I can make it in time I’m a little late. Not to mention I haven’t made an arduboy game in like two years I’m basically starting fresh

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Its like riding a bike - you never forget.