Game of Life (Celluar Automaton) for Arduboy

Game of Life 25x25 pixel

GitHub at:

MyBlog(Japanese) at:

A: Game start
B: Put live cell
Direction Keys: Move cell
UP and DOWN: Reset


What a classic. I can’t wait to play :smile:

I don’t want to hijack this topic, so don’t reply about my version here, but for those interested:

My version doesn’t have a game editor like @Kmasato’s does. It just creates random cell patterns.

Hi @Kmasato, this is great!
Do you have a license for this code? I couldn’t see one in the GitHub repository…
Also, is the title for your program “Life Game” or “Game of Life” ? :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m @Kmasato.
Thanks for visiting my GitHub.

I added the MIT License on that repository.
So, please use freely.