Game Off 2020

GitHub and have announced their annual Game Off jam which will be happening over the whole month of November 2020. There’s information and a signup page at The mystery theme will be announced at the start of the jam. Previous years themes include “leaps and bounds”, “hybrid”, and “throwback”.

I’m going to try to do my next Arduboy game as a jam entry, with it hosted on using the web emulator for people to try. Has anyone else tried entering Arduboy games in jams like these? It would be nice to see more representation.


The theme has been announced as “MOONSHOT”. They listed a few different ways to view it, from the literal to the inspirational. I’m thinking of a few game ideas related to that theme and would love to see some other Arduboy devs try it out too.

I just tested posting an Arduboy game to to prepare for submitting a jam entry later this month. I treated the game as a browser game, using a copy of the gh-pages branch of the ProjectABE emulator as the bulk of the ZIP file. The biggest obstacle I had was that Itch wants the index.html in the root of the ZIP file to run the game directly. ProjectABE wants the HEX file mentioned in the URL. After a few attempts, I just hacked the index.html file adding this line before any scripts were opened:

    if ( == "") location = location + "?url=BeamEmUp.hex&skin=BareFit"

which takes the bare URL generated by the system and adds in the path to my hex file and a default skin. I also set the iframe size in the description to 512x256 and included notes about using arrow keys and Z/X in the game description.