Game requests (from a non programmer!)

I’m a kickstarter backer of the Arduboy as I liked it’s really old school styling and was interested in seeing what people could get out of it! I’m not a programmer myself so I won’t be adding to the community that way. I’m writing this topic really to throw out a few suggestions for game types that I’d like to see on the Arduboy. The first is a simple one, is anyone interested in trying to port a version of Rogue or Nethack? (or are they too complex for a 2 button setup?)


And here’s the second of my suggestions, this is a very specific game that I’ve had a soft spot for dinner my youth (it’s not well known).

The game is Aztec Challenge for the Atari 8bit system, it’s a completely different game to the C64 version. It’s probably one of the first endless runner games (there’s two versions released in1982+1983). The gameplay is simple enough, jumping over randomly generated levels with the level types changing as you play. The gimmick which makes it slightly different to the modern ones is that you choose between 3 Heights of jumps, with each giving different points, but one false move sends you back to the start of the level. The YouTube video hopefully gives a better idea of the gameplay!

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Hi all,

Glad this topic was made. I too am a non-programmer, but have a few ideas.

So here’s my first idea. I call it Tiny Football, a four-a-side, top down footy game in the vein of Sensible Soccer or early FIFA.

Not sure if it’s possible with the 32kb available, but considering the things I’ve seen, maybe I’m underestimating the AB’s abilities! After seeing the Sudoku game, I was encouraged and inspired; that game is incredibly feature rich, a term I never thought I’d use when discussing AB games. If that game can have four save slots, customizable options and difficulty levels, I see no reason why Tiny Football can’t be made, and have a fully functioning season mode, saving the results to a log as it goes on.

Anyway, anyone have any thoughts? Is this possible?


Actually, looking at my old Atari collection, there are a lot of inspiration from those old dusty cartridges!

  • Space Invaders
  • Ms Pacman
  • River Raid
  • Pitfall
  • Stampede
  • Phoenix
  • Frogger
  • Dodge 'Em
  • Enduro

By my old brain, I think most of the Atari games ran in less than 32KB, 4KB RAM and the system was 1.19Mhz. However, I am no coding genius, so I’m not sure if this is feasible, but I’m willing to learn!

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Checkout fuopy’s Twitter and, I think, a thread on here somewhere. Gary Martin (Twitter) is also working on a more text-based concept.

On it, sort of. There’s a lot missing: scoring, 3x lives, the “mystery” saucer that goes across the top, bombs dropped from aliens, more than one level, pause screen, intro screen, sound effects… it’s also possible I may never finish it, so you’ve been warned. :wink:

There’s also a Pacman clone if you didn’t notice and Chicken Cross (Froggerish)

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Thanks for the links, I’ve looked at both of the WIP videos and they all k really good, I can’t wait to play them!

I think it would be amazing to get the Atari game “Adventure”. you only need 4 buttons for it, and you should have enough space for it.


I’d really like to see a Stack Attack clone (the game for old Siemens phone).