[GAME] Sensitive

so it would be possible to get the oled to refresh and a rate that would be easier to match with the code?

No. No rate is really any “easier” to match than others. Any speed is going to have the same drift issues.

And this is because as you mentioned earlier, that the time just isn’t good enough?

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you do not use a fixed delay and fuzzy it instead. This might makes the flicker less noticable. Say you have found a good value for the delay, then just jitter around it by some ms. Needs to be tried out if thats going to work.

Out of curiosity, would resetting the timer take longer than 1us to perform? Would it work to reset the timer every frame and somehow make up for the lack of resolution?

That is an interesting idea. I’m not sure you’d tell much difference from “off by a little” but might be worth a short for something like Sensative. Would be plenty easy to test.

Not sure what you are asking… there is no issue with timer resolution.

so what is the cause of the floating line, even then the timing is as close as possible? The spi speed?

Lack of VSYNC:

Hi! I’m new here. Old thread I know. I have just received my Arduboy FX in the mail. I really was hoping for a remake of Galaxian or Galaga but found this gem instead. I would have to say out of all of the installed games on the FX, Sensitive is my favorite!!! Silky smooth movements and GREY COLOR TOO!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:


I have update the download link as it is now on github and uses the new greyscale library - ArduboyG, grayscale library

Result = the nicest greyscale game on Arduboy :stuck_out_tongue:


I really want to put this on the cart page… but it will not play in the emulator :frowning:

(The old Sensitive barely played as well !)

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I think those oled tricks probably aren’t emulated… :sob:

It it possible to get this added to the official FX binary?

I assume you mean for future FX units being made?

I can add it to the Cart as a new entry or to replace the original game if you like. This will make it available for those flashing old FX units with newer games.

A replacement would be good. I reied using the online cart builder but I got an error every time I tried to download it.

What error were you receiving?

Currently I get this…

But yesterday, uploading worked but i got something about /temp/ when trying to download, can’t quite remember what.

Is this the correct cart builder? – Cart Builder

Yes thats the correct one.

Did you add your game in manually using the ‘Upload Game’ button?

yup i sure did

Do you mind walking through the exact steps you did?

I assume the functionality has broken recently as this did work once :frowning: