[GAME] Sensitive


First I click ‘Upload Game’…

Then fill the form in…

Sensitive.hex and title.png are both also in the github (GitHub - spinalcode/arduboy_sensitive). title.png is monochrome 1bpp.

Click ‘Upload’…


and BOOM!


@spinal - Only just got around to replaying your game.
The new enhanced grayscale looks amazing!! I tried to capture it on camera… but it really has to be seen on the real device.

Congrats to you and @brow1067 & @dxb !!

The soundtrack is really great too! I’ve just left it playing in the background! :smiley:
After leaving the titles scrolling for a while, the main logo gets a bit messed up. Not sure if you knew?


Thanks for that … it revealed an error in my code and I was able to fix it.

I have also added this version to the cart instead of the original.


Glad to help :yum:

I just noticed, I uploaded the wrong .hex file.
I tried to replace it myself, but got this error when I clocked to download…

5FX - Flash image build error


Unable to load file “upload/”.

Check your CSV file for correct filename and case.

Not having much luck are we?

So you uploaded using basically the instructions above and the clicked download?

I will debug it tonight. Thanks for your patience.

Found the problem and have fixed it. You might need to refresh or even deep refresh (Ctrl-F5) to get the latest pages.

Perfect! (more text)