Game testing - 'Crates 3D'

(mods, sorry if this is the wrong place to post)

I have finished doing a port of the TI-83 game ‘Crates 3D’ to the Arduboy and am looking for help to ‘test’ the higher levels (taken from the original game, not designed by me!) to make sure it’s not an ‘impossible game’ before making the whole thing live. In theory everything should be fine, but the level designer was obviously an evil genius and I cant solve them myself in either the original game or this port… Any takers?


(Edit - OK, so I am playing through the levels myself to validate them. So far, I’ve done levels 1-9 and 16, they are all good. Level 15 might be impossible though so I will add an extra block in it to make it easier/possible.)

(Edit 2 - I’ve made level 10 easier, and 11 can be completed, they are difficult but possible)


This would be a great game to put on wink wink

Codebender makes it super easy to share your game, I would totally fork it for the main account at

Sounds good, but please wait until I have validated all the levels, I am having to make small mods to some of the higher levels to make them easier so I can at least solve them. (they may be possible already, but I’m not smart enough to figure out how :slight_smile: )
I’ve just now put fixes in for level 12, and added a load/save function which removes a lot of the grind from the more complex levels… (I might get in trouble with the EEPROM police though, so I’ve added an enable/disable setting for this functionality)

2 more levels to check then… will try and do them today or tomorrow.

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my favorite added this game!
beautiful boxes.

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OK, so I’ve now played through all 16 levels of the game and am confident that they are now all possible to complete (some are horribly difficult though… I’ve spent way more time on this than I planned to). I will post to games/apps now.


great game… testing for 2 hours… PERFECT for me:innocent:

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