Game uploading through the Arduino IDE

Hey, so I’m having problems getting games that I download through the community to upload to my Arduboy. I’m new to coding and know nothing about it and I’m new to this community as I got my Arduboy for Christmas. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Oh, I forgot to mention, they aren’t hex files or any file that you can just upload through an uploader. they’re the files like squario and won’t compile right there is always an error with the code when uploading or compiling. Does that make sense? Sorry if it doesn’t!

I followed the guides and tried shadow runner from team arg and this happened. Thank you for your pointers though! they helped me figure out how to get the sketches in the IDE.

What game is this from?
Gamby.h is nothing to do with Arduboy as far as I’m aware.

It is from Shadow Runner.

Ah, sorry, I see now that you did actually say that.

I’ve had a look and I can see the problem.
Team ARG actually developed two versions of Shadow Runner,
one is the Arduboy one and one is for an Arduino shield called GAMBY.
It appears that you’ve been trying to compile the GAMBY one by mistake.

Did you get the code from their GitHub?

If so, look in the SHRUN_AB folder, load SHRUN_AB.ino in the Arduino IDE,
and compile and upload that instead.
If you’ve installed the Arduboy2 and ArduboyTones libraries then it should compile without any problems.

Oh that was the problem i had the SHRUN_GY file not the SHRUN_AB file. and i have all the libraries installed and the arduino leonardo board with the port selected so everything should work. Thanks!

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Ok, so I did that and everything compiled right and then it tried to upload and it took about 5 minutes of it just sitting there and then it said that the upload failed. I tried different games I tried the examples that came with the arduboy2 library and nothing is uploading to my arduboy.

Make sure you go into manage folders i think and in there you type in arduboy and download arduboy 1 and 2 (also in there you can find a bunch of other cool things to do with your arduboy) and after you download the folders close Arduino and go to its folder in you computers file manager once you locate the folder import the game of your choosing to it and re open Arduino then you go open in Arduino and you should see you games name after that you just click on the game and hit upload

Ok thanks! i just figured it out my arduboy was bricked so i put it into flashlight mode and everything worked out great!

If you managed to get it working then technically it wasn’t bricked,
it was just being a bit stubborn. :P

You got it working though, that’s the main thing.

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:joy::joy: yeah I guess it was just being stubborn haha!

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