Game&Watch "FIRE" [Demo]

Now I will share the game I wrote by the beginners, so that everyone is interested in writing the game. I didn’t report it in the past. I don’t understand Upload. Now it’s clear, so I am willing to share my game with you, but I It is also believed that sharing games in Arduboy should allow players to give a small amount of money for encouragement. For example, asking me for a cup of coffee is also a supported performance. Do you agree?

Downlaod Link:

Online Play:
G_W_FIRE_by__ken.ino.with_bootloader.leonardo.hex (46.8 KB)

This game still has the .with_bootloader.leonardo.hex file.

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Ken, I don’t know how you are doing your sprites but when the victim bounces on the stretcher you probably need to mask the victim. Alternatively, you can use the Sprites::drawSelfMasked() if you are using the Sprites library.


Thank you for your guidance. This is an old work, and the technology is very simple. I have to learn programming techniques from everyone. I will share more with you to see if there is a better way to write.

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There are plenty of people on this site who can help with programming. Just post a question and watch them jump in!

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ok, i understand

If you aren’t already using Sprites and you’re only using arduboy.drawBitmap(image) then an alternative way would be to use arduboy.invert() to invert the screen colours, and then manually invert all your graphics.

arduboy.invert() makes black draw as white and white draw as black.

(At least I think that would work…)

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You are correct! I use “arduboy.drawBitmap(image)” inside with BLACK and WHITE