Game & watch Parachute classic game 100% finished

(Ken Cheung) #1

(Pharap) #2

You need to publish a .hex file and/or the source code.

(Ken Cheung) #3

I can’t convert to .hex , i try anytime :pensive: , Arduboy 1.8.8 , have problem?

(Pharap) #4

I need an error message to know what the problem is.

If you were able to upload the program you should be able to create a .hex.

Have you recently upgraded to Arduino IDE 1.8.8? Were you using 1.8.7 before?

(Ken Cheung) #5

I using IDE 1.8.5 before

(Pharap) #6

When did you update?

I think we might be having a problem with 1.8.8.
Someone else reported a problem with 1.8.8 recently.

Perhaps try an older version?

(Ken Cheung) #7

I try first … wait… i wake up now

(Ken Cheung) #9

2018_12_PAPACHUTE_v1.hex.pdf (35.2 KB)
please rename from .pdf to .zip, and than unzip file have 2 .hex file, enjoy it…

(Pharap) #10

The 2018_12_PAPACHUTE_v1.ino.with_bootloader.leonardo.hex file isn’t needed.

I think that the ‘with_bootloader’ .hex files can cause problems,
but I can’t remember exactly.

(Ken Cheung) #11

Ok, you try first , ok or not , please let me know … thanks

(Pharap) #12

It would be best to just remove it.

I have found a few older topics discussing why the with_bootloader version shouldn’t be used.

Some Arduboys still don’t have the bootloader protected,
and apparently using the with_bootloader version can cause those to stop working.

(Scott R) #13

@Ken_Cheung will you be posting the .ino also?

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #14

Oh yes, it’s could be cool to have it too for me to check the choice you done for it as i have one i should finish on the META a day but i neve take time to complete it…

(jon yakowec) #15

I really like your game&watch games, I hope you make a few more. Keep up the good work.