Game & watch Parachute classic game 100% finished


You need to publish a .hex file and/or the source code.


I can’t convert to .hex , i try anytime :pensive: , Arduboy 1.8.8 , have problem?

I need an error message to know what the problem is.

If you were able to upload the program you should be able to create a .hex.

Have you recently upgraded to Arduino IDE 1.8.8? Were you using 1.8.7 before?

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I using IDE 1.8.5 before

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When did you update?

I think we might be having a problem with 1.8.8.
Someone else reported a problem with 1.8.8 recently.

Perhaps try an older version?

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I try first … wait… i wake up now

2018_12_PAPACHUTE_v1.hex.pdf (35.2 KB)
please rename from .pdf to .zip, and than unzip file have 2 .hex file, enjoy it…

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The 2018_12_PAPACHUTE_v1.ino.with_bootloader.leonardo.hex file isn’t needed.

I think that the ‘with_bootloader’ .hex files can cause problems,
but I can’t remember exactly.

Ok, you try first , ok or not , please let me know … thanks

It would be best to just remove it.

I have found a few older topics discussing why the with_bootloader version shouldn’t be used.

Some Arduboys still don’t have the bootloader protected,
and apparently using the with_bootloader version can cause those to stop working.

@Ken_Cheung will you be posting the .ino also?

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Oh yes, it’s could be cool to have it too for me to check the choice you done for it as i have one i should finish on the META a day but i neve take time to complete it…

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I really like your game&watch games, I hope you make a few more. Keep up the good work.


Ken, maybe you don’t want share your code. Or maybe you want make it public. If it’s not the case, could you share it here in zip or link. Else would you send it to me in PM with how it can be used (free, shared, just for information with no use). I would see your approach to do it if you agree.

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Sorry, I am late to everyone, I will return to Hong Kong from 9 to 20 this month in Munich, Germany, and after Budapest. I want to go back to Hong Kong and let everyone know.


[quote=“Ken_Cheung, post:17, topic:7051”]
I will return to Hong Kong from 9 to 20 this month in Munich, Germany, and after Budapest


Ken, are you going to post the files people are asking about yet?