Gamebuino Meta or Pokitto

Dear Community Members:
As i really became addicted to my arduboy i am concerning to buy another arduino based device. I think about pokitto or gamebuino meta. Which one would you prefer and why?
To me it seems the Meta has better built quality whereas the pokitto community seems more active…

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Obviously it’s no secret that I own a Pokitto and am a member (and moderator) of the Pokitto forums.

I haven’t actually looked into the Gamebuino Meta so I can’t really say whether it’s good/bad, but I can say why I like the Pokitto.


There’s a lot of overlap between the Pokitto forum users and the Arduboy forum users.
For example: uXe, eried, Mr.Blinky, FManga, spinal, crait, botisaurus, jhhoward.
(Probably some others I’m forgetting.)

I wouldn’t say it’s more active than the Arduboy forums, but it’s still quite active.
It’s only been going for less than a year so there aren’t as many users yet (in last month it surpassed 200), but there’s a handful of regulars.

Notably the main man himself (Jonne) visits the forums regularly either to provide updates or to help other users in their pursuits.
At the moment he’s been trying to get PlatformIO support going.

Uploading Binaries

Uploading compiled binaries is easier on the Pokitto because the Pokitto can mount itself as a drive (like a USB stick) for moving a single game onto it, so you don’t need a special upload tool.

(However there’s an issue on Mac/OSX that means it does need a special tool. It’s Apple’s fault though, Macs like to create a hidden .ds_store file everywhere and it interferes with the file copying.)

The Pokitto also has Micro SD card support so it can store multiple games on the Micro SD card for game switching on the go.


There’s also a headphone jack so you can use headphones if you don’t want to disturb the people around you.


One of the things I really like about the Pokitto is what is called the ‘PEX’ (Pokitto Extension Header).
Basically you can plug wires in and it can be used to control different peripherals/devices, a bit like a regular Arduino board.

I’ve left out my paragraph about programming because (from what I gather) seem to be more interested in the games and the ‘community’ than the programming?

Correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll add in my comments about programming.

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Thank you very much. Yes, you are correct. I am especially interested in games made just for the love of making them and looking into the possibilities of the hardware.
The meta also provides a headphone jack and supports sd cards.
As my husband ordered a meta for me (but i am allowed to use it in june😉) i could buy both (especially as i just sold a tamawalkie for a very good price). So i just can’t decide if i want both, but from what you say it seems i should own both devices😆

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I ordered both now😆
Well, i am a mad old woman😆

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(You’ve already bought it but I’ll post anyway :P.)

Since it’s similar to the meta, I think the final deciding factor for you will probably be the game list:

As I say, it’s still early days, so there aren’t as many games as the Arduboy has.

From what I’ve seen the postage is quite quick from Finland to other nearby countries (a bit longer for more distant countries like America), so it might turn up sooner than June.

If ‘mad’ means being interested in games then “we’re all mad here” (as the Cheshire cat says :P).


:laughing: Feels good not to be alone.
Well mad, since i collect game related things since the late 70ties…
June means, i am not allowed to use the meta before june, since it is a present (we are married for 18 years then😉), but regarding the pokitto, i will start the little guy asap when he steps right to my door.
I read through both forums of course and decided i like the games and work in progress on both devices. I also recently modded a rs-97 to run open dingux on it, the c64 mini will arrive next week and i just bought undertale. A lot of stuff to play and review on my youtube channel.
Only problem is, i have a lot of work to do (the money must be earned for all this).
Thanks again for your friendly advice.


In that case, you might like this thread about ‘retro systems’.

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I have all 3 devices: Arduboy, Pokitto, and Gamebuino. Arduboy is my favorite by far, followed by Gamebuino and then Pokitto.


Arduboy is the greatest! Arduboy forever!

A pox on all other consoles!


I am curious to know why you rank them that way.

Do you rank them differently when you are on their sites? :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry,Arduboy will remain my most love device for sure as it simply is unique😉
I own so many consoles, but some will always be special (like pc engine, snes or game and watch) and arduboy has it’s very special minimalistic touch, there is really no direct competition.

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Of course! I have to suck up to ensure that I don’t get on anyone’s bad side… I gotta get my Twitter followers up somehow!


Sorry for digging out this old thread, but i also didn’t want to open a new one for just a short question:
Does anybody know what’s going on with
The homepage is offline and i could not find any information elsewhere…

Yes, there was a problem. It’s resolved now. Have a good day Nicole :wink:


Thank you for your response!

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Hm, still not working:

It was retablished but yes, server have another problem sometimes, try again. It’s worked for me at the second try. I’m not from the gamebuino team, so i think they are working on it sometimes and that it’s make some bad things on the forum but i have been able to reach it 2mn ago.

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