Games for children

I have been honoured with a runner up prize in the Arduboy competition. When it arrives, I would love to put games on it for my children (between 6 and 10).

Please could someone recommend which games might be most appealing and appropriate? If it is easier to list games with more adult themes or content (violence), to avoid, then that would be useful too.

Rooftop rescue has gone down well. A recently posted, unfinished farming game looks like a good option for them (sorry, can’t remember the name), RPGs might be up their street and I expect platform games to be popular.

I had a quick look but couldn’t see anything making specific recommendations for younger children. Which might mean that nearly every game is suitable…but best not to assume!

You mean “Octet Night?”

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Actually there are really only a couple Arduboy games that might be considered adult or based around violence. I did my best to avoid those type of games in the gold cart for the FX so that might be a good list to look at.


The Game and Watch inspired games are aimed at that age group.

Fire Panic
Lion Tamer
Oil Panic


I highly doubt there are many Arduboy games that aren’t suitable for children.

Off the top of my head, I remember one from a long time ago that made me ask if it was worth having an age rating system because it featured nudity (although the image was so low resolution it was honestly hard to tell that it was supposed to be that), and Team ARG made a game about shooting zombies.

I suppose it depends on what you count as ‘violence’ really. I doubt any Arduboy games feature blood being spilled simply because most games can’t spare the resources and it would be hard to make it noticeable anyway.

One of the advantages of nearly every game being open source is that you can skim through the files and get a rough idea of whether there’s any ‘inappropriate’ language or images.

Lastly, just to do a @filmote, I offer up Minesweeper for your consideration.
(Also available in other languages if they need help with their language homework.)


I have no problems with my shameless plugging. To show how shameless I really am, I will add a couple more …

Kong II
Road Trip


+1 for the ‘Game & Watch’ inspired games.
My kids also love ‘Hollow Seeker’ by @obono - Hollow Seeker - A simple action game

It’s such an easy pick-up-and-play game, it’s normally what I use to demo the Arduboy.

If you want to introduce your kids to some educational content, I also like ‘Term Twirl’ by @Corruptio - Term Twirl - a Text Twist clone.
The Easy mode has a sanitised word list. (Don’t think that is on the Gold Cart?).


Brilliant, thanks for all the recommendations people. It is good to know there are so many choices.

Yes - definitely want to give that a try. The Oregon Trail remake/homage sounds like another good one but may not be as interesting to my children at the ages they are. One day, though.

Thanks, it’s already on my list as I have been using it as GAMOO test material. My youngest did struggle with the logic demands, especially as you need to weigh up what hidden cells might be.


I made ArduRacer as something non violent without any voilence or even actual competition except against yourself and my kids play it.


While most of the Arduboy games you’ll find are kid-friendly/appropriate, we should also take into account how intuitive a game is. For children q(and adults to a lesser degree honestly), the less instruction you have to provide, the better. For this reason I think games like @obono 's Evasion, Hollow Seeker, and Hopper are excellent choices.


@poevoid that is an excellent point, thank you for making it.

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Space Taxi Is a really good game that is kid-friendly.


New Blocks on the Kid! Haha extremely simple game, kind of like the ultimate button masher.

Actually still looking for a perfect Arduboy game for toddlers. The Arduboy equivalent of “Baby Smash”