Games Wishist - My Top Ten

Here are my top 10 games I would like to see ported or created ( clones? ) for the Arduboy. Feel free to add your top 10.

  1. Super Mario Land ( GB )
  2. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego ( C64 )
  3. Final Fantasy Legend ( GB )
  4. Game and Watch Series
  5. Tomagotchi
  6. Galaga
  7. Shadowgate ( NES )
  8. Soduko
  9. Doodle Jump ( mobile )
  10. FTL ( PC )

just my opinion on your list

  1. could probebly port parts of “Super Maruino Land” from the gamebuino

  2. any jrpg is going to be hard due to memory limitations altough maybe some seed generated world and hardly any text might work

  3. galaga and most other arcade classics can work

  4. i think you mean sudoku

  5. FTL i would wanna see, why isnt that number 1 lol

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A seed generated rpg with no text could be interesting…Also, Super Maruino Land Arduboy Edition sounds awesome too!