Garboyle's Quest

Hi retro gamers,

Remember Gargoyle’s Quest from CAPCOM ? This is the Arduboy version.

Most of the credit should go to Team ARG. I started with the source code of Mystic Ballon to create this game.

I hope you’ll enjoy and please tell me what you think of it

update 3 August 21
Garboyle’s Quest.hex (78.3 KB)

I just noticed that this game doesn’t work with chrome :frowning:

***** Controls ****

Left/Right : Move
Up : look up / go through a door
Down : look down
Up + Down : Pause Game → can save and return to main menu
A : Shoot
B : Jump / Fly / Stop Flying
??? : Secret Level Up

When you jump against a wall, you will hang on to it. There you can:

  • Shoot with A
  • Drop with Down + B
  • Jump with B or with B + the direction oppposite to the wall

When you enter a “Boss Room”, you can’t get out until you are the last survivor…


Nicely done. How much of the original code remains?

I like the game. Plays well too, you even got the clinging to walls right! :+1:


Do you have a link to the .hex file? The download function is not working on the emulator.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Hard to say. I changed quite everything at least a little. I think that only the parallax stayed untouched.

Thanks :slight_smile: Glad you liked it

Yes, I put it in my Github, along with the source code :

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