GBA ROM's on an arduboy

I’m thinking of getting an Arduboy but I was wondering if I could get GBA ROM’s on it and if so how hard is it I can code in very basic python but that is all.

This thing will not run any GBA/GBC/GB roms. This will most likely have zero emulators ported to it. It just isn’t the system for that.

Programming is in C/C++. Here is a link to get you started


Ok thank you very much for your help

CHIP8 might be the only exception. There would be a few gotchas, but pretty sure it could be done with this hardware.

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That was actually the one system I was trying to remember off hand but I don’t really think most will remember or care. I guess to some extent. You probably could even get atari 2600 working in some fashion but not sure if it’s really worth it.

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The console has only 128 bytes of RAM for run-time data that includes the call stack and the state of the game world. There is no frame buffer, as the necessary RAM would have been too expensive. Instead the video device has two bitmapped sprites, two one-pixel “missile” sprites, a one-pixel “ball,” and a 40-pixel “playfield” that is drawn by writing a bit pattern for each line into a register just before the television scans that line.

Wow… Not much to an Atari 2600.

Are you people aware that an Apple ][ has been emulated on an Arduino Uno? :smile:

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Yep. =) Even though it’s a color system it had a B/W switch and I think quite a few early games could still work with a 1b display.

Interesting, though I don’t really consider it a full emulator when it can’t match all the original hardware:

The Atmega328p on the Arduino Uno comes with 2 kilobytes of ram, significantly less than the 4 kilobytes of the original Apple II. As established earlier however not all of that ram was available for general use. Through some smart design the Arduino emulator provides 1.5 kilobytes of general purpose memory. Providing nearly 1 kilobyte for BASIC programs. This has proved sufficient to handle fairly complex programs as demonstrated below.

Still, interesting. Gameboy is a much more advanced platform though.

Hmmm… Chip8 could be kinda neat…

Some more links:

PS- Can a mod change the post title, perhaps just “H/W Emulation”…?

Chip8 is now available for Gameduino 2:

Is there any chance after 2 years someone found how to install or play any GBA ROMs or Atari 2600 Roms on Arduboy? Is there a new version something to do with that.

Spec comparison:

Arduboy GBA Atari 2600
CPU ATmega32u4 @ 16MHz ARM7TDMI @ 16.78MHz + Sharp LR35902 @ 8 or 4 MHz 8-bit MOS Technology 6507 @ 1.19 MHz + TIA chip
RAM 2.5 KB 32 KB internal, 256 KB external, 96 KB VRAM 128 B
ROM 32KB (- 4KB bootloader) Depends on the cartridge, probably between 32KB and 32MB 64KB with bank switching, 4KB without
Screen 128x64, 2 colours 240×160, 65536 colours 40 x 192, 128 colours
Input D-Pad, A and B D-Pad, A, B, L, R, Start, Select Multiple input devices

In other words, some very specific Atari 2600 might be possible to emulate at a push,
but GBA emulation is physically impossible unless you want to emulate a tiny ROM and run it at a fraction of the speed that it’s supposed to run at.
It would be possible to make remakes/clones of games on other consoles, but not direct emulation.

If you’re looking for a console that can run ROMs of old consoles,
the Arduboy is probably not what you’re looking for.
(The Arduboy in fact has a lower spec than the original Game Boy.)
(A faster CPU, but less screen space and less memory.)

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Please don’t link to warez here…

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… wait muro necroed a 4 year old thread AND linked to a rom site? Geez …

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