Gesheit asking questions (because i have A LOT of them)

I ask questions here.
Problems I have Right Now:

Arduboy acting strange:

Info: So I wanted to change game from Sqario to Castlevania demake. Then the Pro micro bricked i quickly burned bootloader by usbasp. And now any game on any of my 3 micros(i resurrected 2 which I burned :slight_smile: ). And now when I load anything for arduboy into arduino the Oled is just: black, fully on, or the picture pattern…

Update!!! I figured that for some reason ALL arduboy libraries for some reason… So can I get those libraries in a folder please? :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll need more info than that. What game/program is running? Is the game precompiled, or did you compile it? Where there any warnings during compilation if so? Is there anything that happens when turning it on other than this display? Is this display static or moving? Etc.

I think this is maybe what happens if it’s an i2c display being fed SPI?

Gosh there are so many situations we have got used to seeing this should all be on a chart.

I think, maybe, I should make a one stop page for DIY arduboy that includes these common symptoms, would do well as a pdf.

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Yes Please! I would LOVE to!

Ok standby many months… :frowning_face: