Getting past the Arduboy FX button demo

I just got my Arduboy FX, and it’s pretty awesome looking. But when I turn it on, I just get the “Press the buttons” demo. Is there a way to get to the games? Or do I have to reflash the firmware?

The games are already pre-loaded. I also got a bit confused in this way, when first using the FX. Switch the device off and on. Now press L <> R to see categories. From there you can select games.

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Huh. It took 4 or 5 reboots, but it finally got there.

Glad you had success. :smiley:
Do you think you may have been holding down ‘A’ button? When I first got my FX, I didn’t understand the intro screen… it was a while ago… but think I kept pressing the wrong button…?

:rofl: The “press the buttons game” literally tells you how to get at the other games! :smiley:

Also the packaging describes this too

Oh no! UX challenges!

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Could be? My left action button seems a little sticky, so it could have maybe been jammed down?

Re: bateske: No, it didn’t. Nothing told me to reboot repeatedly. The first step is “choose a category”, which was never presented as an option.

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Have to agree with @Fly. There is something confusing about the Out of Box Experience. Or perhaps buggy on first launch?
My note to self on the OOBE (over a year ago):

Confusion between boot loader screen and the pre-flashed ‘Welcome’ program. 
(Added to by the same opening screen). Would be good to guide user.

Would be great to see what others experience :thinking:

PS - @Fly my other top tip: charge the device before use. The batteries ship uncharged, and the FX quickly goes buggy on low battery level. :low_battery:

You shouldn’t need to reboot repeatedly. Rebooting once (or holding UP + DOWN for three seconds) always does the trick on all of my Arduboys.

That’s super strange that’s certainly not part of the procedure.

The best guide is at:

Which is suggested in the packaging to go to if you’ve got any troubles.

I guess it is true, that you would need to “discover” the way to select categories by stumbling upon pressing the left and right buttons.

But the instructions included in the packaging clearly list selecting a category as step1:


It does kinda sound like your A or B buttons might be sticky? If it was automatically loading into the welcome app with the exploding buttons, especially if things were exploding if you weren’t pressing any buttons, then we might need to see about repairing your unit.

Let me know you can write in using Contact — Arduboy