Glove - A lighter, softer, cozier gauntlet!

Action_Glove_Glove.hex (70.7 KB)


Glove is an action-adventure game created in the style of the classic Gauntlet series. Navigate from room to room, blasting bad guys and collecting treasure along the way.


Clear the rooms, gather treasure and get to the finish! There are many different paths to take; some more difficult, some more rewarding. Time is health; running out will result in a Game Over.



  • Download the Source Code ZIP from GitHub
  • Rename the extracted “glove-master” folder to “glove”
  • Open Glove.ino with Arduino IDE 1.6.8+
  • Click the upload button to install to your Arduboy


  • Press the A button to fire your blaster!
  • To delete your save file, hold left+right and press A at the Records menu.
  • To pause the game, turn off your Arduboy. To resume, select Continue at the main menu.


You - Your objective is to gather treasure, defeat bad guys, and race to the finish!
Wall - These block your path. Sometimes, a key can make certain walls disappear!
Bad Guy - These things hurt you just by touching you! Shoot to eliminate them!
Spawner - These tiles routinely spawn bad guys. Shoot them to stop 'em, and net 100 points!
Chalice - Collect for 600 points.
Gold - Collect for 1000 points.
Lemon - Looks like a sandwich to some. Recover 300 health.
Poo - Touch to destroy all bad guys on the field.
Key - Conceptually more like a button. Grab it to make a wall disappear.
Exit - The most interesting beast of them all! While visibly identical, their wild personalities often lead you to where you would least expect!

Note from the Developer

I’ve got a challenge for you: Can you discover and conquer all 30 rooms? If you manage to do so, send me a picture and I’ll send you a nifty gift!

UPDATE: GloveEdit, the Glove level editor has been unlocked. Check it out!


Awesome and welcome!

Looks like this is using an old version of the Arduboy libs… can I ask where you got it? I’m really wanting to know what we can do to encourage authors to use the latest (and much improved) libraries. Newer libs will result in much better battery life for users (and who knows what other improvements).

Wow!! Great game. Seems impossible to get past Level 3… :slight_smile:

Please post a video :frowning:

Although the rules aren’t hard and fast when it comes to formatting:

It is nice to flesh out a release page : )

A good example can be found here:

good work , made it to “Forest 2” woot!

Baller video is baller video. Pretty awesome. Game looks great as well :wink:

Thank you!

I actually got this version from around the time when the developer kits were first being distributed. I was pretty excited to make a game so when I got my unit a week ago I started coding right away. I never realized that the github had been updated!

When the production version of Arduboy comes near, and when the core lib and codebender, software distribution plan, etc become more solid, I plan on making an identical, reworked version. This version should work with whichever the recommended libraries and programming platform happen to be.

This is actually a good time to setup a github repo for your game. That way you can make your game dependent on the the arduboy repo, and do a git pull every so often on the arduboy repo and update the library fairly easily. That way you can take advantage of the hard work everyone is putting in from the community (I’m looking @Dreamer3 especially, he has put in the bulk of the PRs)

Excellent work, nice example of multidirectional scrolling to make the most of the Arduboy’s small screen! :smiley:

Did you consider randomized room generation with unlimited levels? Open to contributions?

Can you put this on github so I can fork it and it’ll point to you as the original author?


Hey, fuopy! Great game! I am 53% clear after 7 minutes though. Anyone complete it yet?

Just got my dev kit today. This is one of the best games I’ve played so far. Good work! I can feel my design juices moving. I can’t wait to work in this hardware. The constraints seem fun and challenging!


I did it ! But I still don’t know how to create a game :smile:
If you want a better image I can give you another


Wahoo, you did it! Congratulations!

For full clearing the game 100%, you unlocked GloveEdit, the Glove level editor. Now that you have mastered the content inside the game, you can create content for others to master outside the game!

The Glove level editor.


  1. Install the LÖVE game framework for your operating system from
  2. Download the gloveedit zip (36.28 KB)
  3. Read the readme.txt file for quick-start information
  4. Double-click to launch the editor!

###Map Management

  • Hit F1 to open your maps folder.
  • To edit the stock Glove levels, copy the lua files from the originalmaps/gloveedit folder.
  • Hit Ctrl-Enter to export your levels as a .h file, ready to be plugged into the Glove source code!

###Editor Notes

  • The editor automatically saves when you switch between levels.
  • Exported maps must contain the maximum number of each element!
  • Be sure to read the readme and on-screen instructions carefully if something doesn’t work!


###More Info
I wrote this program one night while working on Glove. It’s programmed in Lua, using the LÖVE game framework. If you run into any bugs or have any other issues with this software, shoot me a PM or leave a post in this topic. Also, if you do make a level pack, post it! I’d love to try it!


I downloaded this and attempted to compile and upload it to my production Arduboy. It successfully completes the process, but when I power on the Arduboy after it’s done, I just get a black screen.

I’ve been able to successfully run every other game I tried, but this one seems to fail for some reason. Any ideas?

Don’t believe the code has been updated.

Yeah after posting I found the thread about Atomic Puzzle Pack beta version that covered the same issue. I haven’t been following the dev versions so I didn’t realize there were differences and library issues. At least I know it isn’t just me!

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Hey bump to @fuopy if you want to update your code? Otherwise I’ll jump in and make some changes and re-upload because this game is seriously awesome!