Go large! Jumbotron OLED screens

Just spotted Adafruit’s new(ish) 2.42" 128X64 OLED…

perfect for a super sized Arduboy! :wink:

and it will only double the cost to make em :smiley: aaaaaand thats assuming the next one has no upgrades to anything else

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Wrong driver IC unfortunately.

Shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt the library to use this screen. It’s using a variant of the SSD controller so it’s very likely just a different initialization routine.

Anyone figured out the installation routine for screens like this? Been poking around and the only screens of this size are pretty much order from ebay and wait for a month for it to ship from China.

Oh yeah these are a breeze to use now thanks to mr.blinky board package includes default support for them.

Check it out over here:

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Pretty sure this is basically the same thing as the spi ssd1309 2.42" oleds many have already used. The difference being all the control pins are brought out to be able to do parallel transfers and I remember reading the ssd1305 is mostly compatible with the ssd1309. I have an oled that looks almost identical to this other than the display being green and it works perfectly with spi ssd1309 code once you ground or pull high the right pins to put it into spi mode.