Goldcart: Production Flashcart Image

I humbly suggest that my ArduboyLightMeter deserves a spot under either Demos or Application. After all, it ranked in the top 10 of “most useful” entries in Game Jam 4. :wink:

The Sample2-Complex example in the ArdVoice library by @igvina is good for showing off the Arduboy’s ability to speak, as well as demonstrating some of the capabilities of the ArdBitmap library, also by @igvina. It may have to be given a more meaningful name, though.

I would like to add Coder’s Toolbox to the mix. Coder's Toolbox [Game Jam 4]
German Whist > German Whist [V1.0.0]
Golf Companion > Golf Companion for Arduboy

Thanks for including mazogs and crates3D, but can I suggest moving crates3D from ‘Arcade’ to ‘Puzzle’? It’s def. not an arcade style game.

Added ArduboyLightMeter

Coder’s Toolbox is already there but just mentioned as Toolbox.
German Whist is already there but mentioned as Whist

Added Golf Companion

Moved Crates3D from Arcade to Puzzle

I see “CutieE”, that’s great! I would like to add “TheGuyWho” The guy who never complains and “SquareNose” Square Nose - the Squarrel (and maybe “BIP_BIPBIP” Bip Bipbip - le jeu 1D! ).

The guy who never complains is also already there. shortened as tgwnc in section “Misc” -> what would be a better section?

I added Square Nose under Platformer

Would you have a proper Picture for Bip Bipbip? I assume this fits under Arcade?

Picture should be 128x64 or a multipe of it.

@mameise I think that my game Humanity Revenge is back! (Humanity Revenge Director's Cut) can deserve a spot. Let me know what you think.

added it in Shooter Section

Puzzle section sounds like a good place for a puzzle game to me :slight_smile:


At the risk of offending… and without wanting to belittle the amazing community contributions…

Will there be some level of curation for the GoldCart? There are many demo’s, little apps and kinda broken / half-baked games that perhaps add little value …?
I’m thinking the FX Kickstarter will introduce Arduboy to a new audience and the offering here really should be the best 20(+ ?) games to draw people in. I think for the KS it’s important to avoid the impression of ‘shovel’-ware…

I love Arduboy, the community and the creativity shared everyday here. However, in truth there’s probably only a dozen games I’d recommend to a friend or I’d want instant access to. For all of us, if you had to demo the Arduboy to friends / family, I imagine you immediately think of 3 top games, but perhaps struggle to name more… I’d rather be able to find those games really quickly than having to scroll through many others. Perhaps this can be solved adding some functionality to the boot loader to ‘Fave’ (/star) certain apps and then be able to see just our personal ‘Favourites’ category …? (In effect we allow every player to curate their own list).

On a different note, here is the taxonomy I was using to categorise games…

  • Action (categories: Ball / Bomb / Dig / General / Object moving / Retro / Space / Water).
  • Bat & Ball
  • Blocks
  • Board games
  • Cards
  • Collection
  • Demo
  • Fighting
  • Maze
  • Music
  • Pinball
  • Platform (categories: Collecting / Dash / Fighting / Floating / Object moving / Puzzle / Simple).
  • Puzzle (categories: Adventure / Collecting / Guiding / Isometric / Picture).
  • Racing
  • RPG (categories: Action / Collecting / Text / Turn based).
  • Shooting (categories: Adventure / Air / Land / Sea / Space).
  • Special
  • Sport
  • Strategy
  • Utilities
  • Word
  • Virtual Pet

Shouldn’t that be “Catacombs of the Damned”?

I haven’t looked into it but it’s possible issues unrelated to the games themselves have been misconstrued as being caused by the game.

(I expect the kind of help people can receive for solving uploading issues and the like on Twitter pales in comparison to the kind of help people can receive on this forum.)

If こびにぃ were on the forum I’d ask 「ゲームの問題は何ですか?」

I’m suddenly imagining a documentary by Richard Attenborough where he’s deep in the Amazon jungle looking for video games.

“And here we have the lesser spotted Minesweeper. It must move swiftly, lest it be preyed upon by the 1943 bowerbird.”

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I’m going to be the decider, but yeah the “high quality and polished” games will be at the top, with more general proof of concept demo type things at the bottom. If they have significant bugs, glitches or fail to present the player with any meaningful content, I’ll end up removing it too.

The purpose here was to get the conversation started, and to start with too much and whittle down to what is a production version.

And yeah I agree the categories need to be modified, so the suggestions are appreciated. It would be really awesome if each category could end up with around a dozen or so games in it to balance it out.

The solution to this is going to be making it easy as possible for people to compile and distribute their own “carts”. Think of it like making a mix tape.

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In an ideal world there would be a gui cart builder linked to @eried’s online repo.
Something looking like @crait’s Arduboy Manager would be cool.

Some missing games.


“TheGuyWho” is an ebook.
This is a picture for “BIP_BIPBIP”: BIP_BIPBIP 128x64
Thank you!

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If it happens it’ll probably be a part of the contraption @tuxinator2009 is building.

(I’ve lost the link to the thread again…)

That said, theoretically it should be possible to make an online tool that can concatenate a chosen set of .hex files together into a cartridge image and download those to your computer so all you have to then do is to upload them with the uploader tool.

Now I think about it, we ought to straighten out the terminology.

I propose ‘FX chip’ for the chip itself and ‘FX cart’ for a bundle of data to be uploaded to the chip.

(Partly because if we call the chip the ‘FX cart’ we then have to call the data an ‘FX cart image’ and that might get confusing when talking about the graphical kind of images.)

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We call it a cart because that’s how it started life but I like the idea of virtual multicarts and declare with no authority from my armchair that from this moment on all Fx flash images will be known as FX carts.
The original pre FX physical carts can be Referred to as Cathy Carts.

It would be great if @filmote condensed Loderunner to a single hex that streamed the additional data from the FX.


I have several ideas that involve streaming data from the FX chip,
but I don’t want to announce them on a public thread because then people will keep reminding me that I haven’t implemented them. :P

Tell me how and I will do it!

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What’s the general timeframe for how long we have until a finalized list of binaries is made? I had been considering making some small improvements to one of my games.

Edit: I had missed the post in another thread saying dates were coming soon. I asked before reading through all the related threads. Looking forward to it!