Goldcart: Production Flashcart Image

It seems that the PUZZLE category was subdivided before I knew it. :neutral_face:
I think that …

  • ‘Psi Colo’ should be in SKILL category.
  • ‘Chie Magari ita’ should be in PUZZLE category.
  • ‘QUALTO!’ should be in TABLETOP category.
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Besides, I created a pull request to replace ‘ardubullets’ files.
Please check it out.

So this is the “final” list for the first batch of pre-programmed ones I can update it later to include the game jam 5 games!


Let’s say I had a change I wanted to submit. How soon should I try to get that in?

ASAP, I’ll probably compile the .bin and send it to manufacturers for quote. I’ll get another chance to update it later right before production (in a month or so), but that doesn’t always happen smoothly.

Production will be done in smaller batches so the chances for updates to the firmware will be much more frequent.

Also keep in mind the ability to update the cart is easy, although I don’t think most people will.

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A few corrections:

Karatega should be Karateka.

Coder’s Toolbox & Blackjack were written by Press Play On Tape.

I’ve made a (last minute) pull request for adding Silence text adventure to Misc folder and CSV

A very little mistake.
Nono-Nono should be Nono-Nano


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Hi, there is no name once the game is launched.
So you can rename it as ‘Kong JR’
Hope that helps.

There is also this one if you’re interested : Manhole (Wide Screen) Game & Watch


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Wrapping up the finishing touches to ArduManFX and wanted to find out if I can include an ArduManFX copy of the Gold Cart? Not all games on the gold cart are in the erwin’s repo and some devs have opted to limit distribution rights of their games (not complaining, but I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes).

To clarify ArduManFX can handle CSV carts (including exporting it’s carts to the CSV format), but internally it saves carts as a single file (rather than a CSV file with accompanying hex/png files). Games that are in erwin’s repo only have their gameID stored in the ArduManFX cart so they can be automatically updated, while other games will embed their content into the cart. Users can then distribute their own flash carts in a format that can be loaded into ArduManFX and further customized/updated.

I think it’s ok to include the .bin file for the FX production, so long as you provide a link that it is compiled from sources obtained on the community site. I guess theoretically you should be publishing the individual sources for each games but I think so long as you’ve got attribution it fits the spirit of the licenses. I can’t imagine anyone taking issue with it.

It’s not actually a raw bin file ready to write it’s more of an ArduManFX source that gets compiled into a bin, making it easier to add/remove/update individual titles. This also means that the full details (title, author, description, etc) are also included.

For games in erwin’s repo it simply links to the repo for the latest info (in case of updates), otherwise the data is embedded in the file (hex files, and title images).

One main source of confusion is with the now defunct TeamARG and their games since iirc they specifically requested their games to not be re-distributed.

So long as attribution is given, I think it’s fine. I didn’t include any games in the pack that had prohibitive licenses so you should be “golden” heh heh.

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If that’s the case I should theoretically be able to add all of those games to erwin’s ArduboyCollection repo (as ArduManFX will have built-in support for that repo). That would also make distribution of carts easier (since games from that repo will only embed the gameID rather than all the game data).

I’m in the process of updating the repo alongside ArduManFX to add all the FX images for games among other minor fixes (incorrect download links for HEX files for example).

Only thing i see is that those game not from the golden cart won’t have been recompiled with that back to loader button combo right?

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Is this the current / official repo for the ‘Flash Cart’ image?

AFAIK it is. Unless @bateske made some local changes and didn’t push them.

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I think it’s like 99% ? There were a couple last minute hand edits.

This might also be newer because I screwed up something one game doesn’t work.

Version Control

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OK … I will assume it is and create a pull request.

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Go for it, if nothing else it serves as the best thing we’ve got and what we can point other people at.

Should probably add a few games.

Cool if there would be games that use the FX chip. Make some and win in the upcoming Arduboy FX Game Jam: when the next pre-order batch ships.

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