Goldcart: Production Flashcart Image

I’ll volunteer to modify a few of the title images here and there to help remove some of the menus and button prompts from the images. I think scrolling through the title screens, those menus/prompts may confuse some users.

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Yeah that is most of the work, just removing menus from title screens. Some games need entire title screens made too.

Keep in mind the resolution too it seems like a lot if not most of these are 256x128


@bateske - sorry to clarify the obvious… but it must be 128x64 resolution for title screens.

Yep, the emulator outputs to 256x128 by default, but can be scaled down got to be careful to use nearest neighbor or another method that doesn’t resample.

The cart tool that @Mr.Blinky actually will down sample a full color image of the wrong size on it’s own, so you will still get a result but it will not be as intended.

By the way it looks like the first batch of mod-chips will just be hardware only as having them flashed to include all the games will really slow things down at this stage and the tool does everything for you to get the image and bootloader and everything. The pre-mod units will have the games loaded on it.

Made some more incremental updates to the cart:

Got rid of some of the games that were obvious trademark problems, might have to take out a few more…

Also, I was going to try and avoid culling (too many) games from the list for not being… strong representations of what the Arduboy is capable of… but there are some that are probably going to get cut due to unsubstantial value to the customer.

Nothing personal, very sorry, if you notice your game is missing and disagree please petition me to get it back in.

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Made still more updates.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to break up the Arcade game category?

I guesss evade and 1943 etc can go in with shooters?

But microcity and tacklebox are not arcade games? They might both even be considered rpg in some ways?

I’m thinking of having a “matching game” category, since we have a few of those?

I’m trying to think of a way to name a category for something like “simple ball bouncing games”, or “reaction games” something like that.

To be honest I don’t even know what classifies something as an Action vs as an Arcade really?


Shoutout to: @filmote @Vampirics @obono @TEAMarg @shdwwzrd @crait @akkera102 @inajob @jhhoward @fuopy @Prototype @Electro-l.i.b @WangRenxin @eried @boochow @JuiceLizard

And all the other people who made just 2 games!


Here are my 3 other games, hopefully, it’s not too late :pray:

Santa’s Factory | Play Online
Prize Frenzy | Play Online
TNTank | Play Online

Not too late, I’ll check them out!

By the way you can pre-order the fx!


Is there a deadline? It would be cool if I could get my old game jam entries on the cart


My Bounce could either stay in Arcade or move to Misc. TechnoMonkey could be moved to Action. I also have 2 other games if you want to add them.
BitWars - Game Jam 3 Could be added to either Arcade or Misc. It is a learning kinda game. Mouse Escape would either be Arcade or a new category for Survival :laughing:.

Yeah there is a deadline but it’s floating too much to really give you a good idea. If you post links to the games I’ll try to get them added. You can also try to make a pull request too if you want.

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Should game jam games be in their own categories?

Hhhmmm :thinking: They could be but I think it may make more sense to have them in categories the game would fall under since I think that would make more sense as someone looking through games on the device.

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I am more than okay with my “most useless” game jam entry being culled if need be, as it was solely made to give people a quick chuckle during the jam.

Also, I noticed that you cleaned BiriBiriBeat’s title screen for display, looks good, thank you! I was going to do that this weekend and open a pull request, but you beat (hah) me to it. Did you downscale the emulator title screen to get your source image?

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Yeah I’m going through and cleaning up a lot of title images.

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I didn’t go through all the games because I want to know if these ideas work or not. If we like these ideas, I can go through and add each game into the right category.

For changes to categories, I think I have a few ideas that would really help out.

For the Puzzle category, it looks like we’ve mixed all 3 kinds of puzzle games into one category. It would be nice to take these games and split them into these 3 categories. If that’s too much, we could merge 2 of the 3 together. I think this should at least be 2 categories. Here’s the 3 I would split into:

  • Puzzle (Match 3 and falling block-style game where the puzzle is endless, like Tetris or Candy Crush)
  • Puzzler (A puzzle game where your goal is to complete a puzzle, like Sokoban and Pipe Dream)
  • Strategy (A simulation or resource-based game, usually endless and can be against an AI, like Sim City or a war strategy game.)

Here’s a few examples of which games would fit into these categories:
Puzzle: Kooky Kookies, Blob Attack, Begemmed, Atomic, 2048, Tres, Psi Colo, Bombzzle, Light Out, Ring
Puzzler: Circuit Dude, Flood Fill, Tiny Sokoban, Pipes, Sensitive, Dark Star, Blocks!, 1010
Strategy Games: MicroTD, MicroCity, Ardulem, Logix, and you can also move ARtillery into this category

Next, change RPG to ‘Adventure,’ which would include RPG’s, but also games like Glove, Catacombs of the Damned, A Maze Adventure Game, ArduIndy, Zoo At Midnight, Tacklebox, Curse of Astarok

Other changes:

Move Evade, Evade 2, Juno First, Love Rush, Space Battle, Asteroids, Jet Pack, Quadrastic, 1943, 1944, Space Quarth to Shooter.

My game, Suit Shooter, isn’t on the list. It could go into the Shooter category.

Move Boris Goes Skiing to sports.

Move Quarto, Sudoku, Tic Tac, and Hangman to Tabletop.

Move Arduboy Says to Arcade.

For some reason that website takes hours to load :stuck_out_tongue:

About the categories, I always though the current ones are crap. I could modify the repo also to match newer ones. Since @bateske is already doing a lot of manual work, why dont you publish a spreadsheet with all the games and few columns for us to write suggested categories to the side (imagine 5 new columns) and finally you could use a dynamic table to find the perfect balance between how wide or deep to go per category.

@batske On ArduboyFX page, the sentence ’ Peripheral Microcontroller (ATtiny85) – An additional microcontroller is along for the ride for the sole purpose of flashing the bootloader to the Arduboy. This eliminates the …’ is incomplete.

You can probably drop 1943 as 1944 is an upgrade to it.

Is the FX Kickstarter still a thing?

oh, any chance of getting ‘tiny blocks’ on there? –

I don’t know either… :thinking:

Which should be better in the each following cases?

  • Hopper: Action (current) / Arcade
  • Chribocchi-cat: Action / Arcade (current)
  • Hollow Seeker: Action / Arcade (current)
  • Lasers: Action / Arcade (current)
  • SameGame: Puzzle / Arcade (current)

I hope that ‘Hopper’ and ‘Hollow Seeker’ are belonged to same category at least.