Goldcart: Production Flashcart Image

I love this idea.

Hey @bateske, would love to know what fields are recorded in your CSV (and format restrictions). Any reason to avoid spaces?
My hope is this can be generated from the Google Doc spreadsheet I initiated.

@filmote and @Vampirics - I’ve been documenting the ‘PPOT’ games- wow! You guys are prolific! :wink:

I can add whatever columns we want but yes nobody is doing anyhting to maintain tag integrity here we don’t have any key values lol. Do arduboy games need serial numbers? My data analyst is triggered.

It’s the csv used to make carts, I think it’s published on @mr.blinky github.

I’m just adding columns willy nilly.

I’ve also realized it’s a shame it doesn’t key up to @eried repo either.

I never claimed to be a professional.

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:roll_eyes: what do you mean with does not key up?

BTW for the ratings I just use a very simple hash:

But does not assure no collisions :stuck_out_tongue:
"id"=>substr(md5($author . '_' . $title),2,6)

I didn’t say it couldn’t, I said it doesn’t.

The csv as of yet does not use these id and also that hash does also require the name and developer to be identical. Which I guess doesn’t even really matter for what this CSV is actually intended to do.

Well… I guess those kind of decisions make someone do stupidly boring updating chores :joy:

There is no solution here that doesn’t require a bunch of manual effort any way you cut it so instead of wasting time trying to figure out I just started doing it. Not letting perfect get in the way of progress here, we gotta ship this.

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Has anyone done any testing on using the external flash for more room for graphics ect?
I haven’t been following too closely :coffin:

Yep, our resident flash cart guru and creator @Mr.Blinky has made some wonderful demonstrations streaming bitmaps directly from flash. I myself have done some, not yet released, experiments with offloading data to the flash cart as well (mostly testing using my Shattered Lands engine to start with).

With my Shattered Lands engine the way it’s currently set up it wouldn’t be too difficult to offload all the map data and monster data to the flash cart thus greatly expanding it’s content. However, if I were to do so I’d also expand on some of it’s more limited systems to utilize the extra room for more code. Instead I’m keeping the SL series as is and will be re-designing the base to make better use of the flash cart for more extensive RPGs.

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oh nice, that’s better than what I was expecting. I was hoping for something along the lines of multiple disks on the playstation

Alright so this is in beta right now, I’ve got a rough ordering, still need to go through and identify/rank some of the games by hand. I’ll also probably have to get rid of some that have some trademarked materials. gasp

They need better categories and to be moved around.

Most importantly a lot of games need new title screens.

If you want to update your .hex file or .png file for your game please do so in a pull request to:

(I don’t know what I’m doing with pull requests so bare with me, it’s probably a good idea to PM me also and hold my hand through what you want changed)

Please don’t make pull requests to the csv or the folder structure, if you want your game in a different category or want to make suggestions for new categories please do so here in this forum and I’ll make the updates.


I’ll volunteer to modify a few of the title images here and there to help remove some of the menus and button prompts from the images. I think scrolling through the title screens, those menus/prompts may confuse some users.

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Yeah that is most of the work, just removing menus from title screens. Some games need entire title screens made too.

Keep in mind the resolution too it seems like a lot if not most of these are 256x128


@bateske - sorry to clarify the obvious… but it must be 128x64 resolution for title screens.

Yep, the emulator outputs to 256x128 by default, but can be scaled down got to be careful to use nearest neighbor or another method that doesn’t resample.

The cart tool that @Mr.Blinky actually will down sample a full color image of the wrong size on it’s own, so you will still get a result but it will not be as intended.

By the way it looks like the first batch of mod-chips will just be hardware only as having them flashed to include all the games will really slow things down at this stage and the tool does everything for you to get the image and bootloader and everything. The pre-mod units will have the games loaded on it.

Made some more incremental updates to the cart:

Got rid of some of the games that were obvious trademark problems, might have to take out a few more…

Also, I was going to try and avoid culling (too many) games from the list for not being… strong representations of what the Arduboy is capable of… but there are some that are probably going to get cut due to unsubstantial value to the customer.

Nothing personal, very sorry, if you notice your game is missing and disagree please petition me to get it back in.

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Made still more updates.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to break up the Arcade game category?

I guesss evade and 1943 etc can go in with shooters?

But microcity and tacklebox are not arcade games? They might both even be considered rpg in some ways?

I’m thinking of having a “matching game” category, since we have a few of those?

I’m trying to think of a way to name a category for something like “simple ball bouncing games”, or “reaction games” something like that.

To be honest I don’t even know what classifies something as an Action vs as an Arcade really?


Shoutout to: @filmote @Vampirics @obono @TEAMarg @shdwwzrd @crait @akkera102 @inajob @jhhoward @fuopy @Prototype @Electro-l.i.b @WangRenxin @eried @boochow @JuiceLizard

And all the other people who made just 2 games!


Here are my 3 other games, hopefully, it’s not too late :pray:

Santa’s Factory | Play Online
Prize Frenzy | Play Online
TNTank | Play Online

Not too late, I’ll check them out!

By the way you can pre-order the fx!


Is there a deadline? It would be cool if I could get my old game jam entries on the cart