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I definitely agree, and I’m having a hard time coming up with a name, too. Maybe something like, ‘Classic Puzzle.’ (There’s a Wikipedia article just calling them ‘Tile-matching games’: I think the biggest seperation is that a game like Circuit Dude is a logic puzzle and once you’ve solved the level, then you will always know the solution. Games like Tetris are puzzle games, but they don’t have a definite solutions and the ‘logic’ is just normal gameplay strategy. Maybe ‘Classic Puzzle’ could be something like Tetris/Puyo Puyo and ‘Logic Puzzler’ could be stuff like Sokoban/Circuit Dude. These names are a little more explicit than just ‘Logic.’

That would make the three categories:

  • Classic Puzzle
  • Logic Puzzler
  • Strategy

Those sound distinct enough to me…

And if we have little pixel art to associate with each category title card, that would work even better. Strategy could have a tank or something, Logic Puzzler could have blocks being pushed, and Classic Puzzle could be gems and falling blocks.

EDIT: This Wikipedia article suggests that the two types are Logic and Mechanical, but I don’t think ‘Mechanical’ is going to be that well understood.

EDIT 2: Ah, why not ‘Endless Puzzle’ and ‘Logic Puzzle’.

I’m still leaning towards “Action Puzzle” or “Speed Puzzle” since you’re on the clock.

I also considered “Skill”, but that felt a bit abstract.

I was literally moments from editing that conclusion into my reply when I spotted you’d edited the same conclusion into your reply.

10/10, would be ninja’d again.

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Still don’t have the best name for this, but I’m thinking the distinction should be whether you are actually solving a pre-defined puzzle that has been created by the developer like Circuit Dude. Or, are you trying to manage the chaos generated by the system like begemmed?

I think those are probably as good names as any except for the fact we had a really cool thing going where we only really needed one word.

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I think we can come up with something in time. Maybe we can make the split and come up with better names later. Think of this, in itself, as a puzzle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Theoretically you could make a version of Circuit Dude that randomly generates solveable levels (though checking the levels were actually solveable would need some mind-numbing application of graph theory),
and on the other side of the coin you could have a version of Tetris where the block sequences were predetermined.

(Though technically the sequences in Tetris are always predetermined - such is the joy of PRNGs.)

Then simplify to “Puzzle” and “Endless”.

Or even split it into “Puzzle”, “Logic” and “Endless”.
(Though what the distinction between “Puzzle” and “Logic” would be is anyone’s guess.)

Endless sounds like runner tho.

I might just keep everything in puzzle.

Yeah, for those who don’t know, each the sequence is generated in bins of 7 that the order of the teriminos is random. Additional fun fact, they were quite detailed in their analysis of the behavior of the §RNG in the Micro Card. It was important that every time you play a new game, the sequence of the tetriminos is different each time. I can’t exactly remember why we had a tough time getting this approved but we really had to go overboard with how and when we were generating the seeed numbers.

There’s nothing in the operation of Tetris that would prevent using a true random number generator if one were available.

Pretty sure we took the classic method of the number of milliseconds since the game started and factored in some noise from one of the floating ADCs.

(But if I remember correctly, we were still ending up with patterns between different seeed numbers, and I think the solution was to calculate a new seed every time we calculated a new bucket)

No, but practically nobody ever does for some reason.

Obviously if it’s a port for an existing system that doesn’t actually have a proper hardware RNG installed then your hands are tied, but there’s nothing stopping anyone who is building a Tetris-only device from including one.

I’m not actually sure how many desktops have a true RNG installed.
I expect most probably do because it’s useful for security but I wouldn’t have the first clue how to access them, let alone whether there’s some kind of cross-platform API that works for multiple devices.

I don’t know much about the characteristics of ADC noise so I can’t comment on that, but milliseconds naturally progress upwards until the point of rollover, so it makes sense that there would be a pattern from that source if it were insufficiently mangled.

Gonna turn the “fast puzzle” style games into “reflex”? Feelings?

Puzzle - There is a “correct” way to complete the level, or win the game.
Reflex - To see how high of a score you can get at matching or otherwise manipulating objects.

lawyers say no sorry :frowning:

I would class Tetris, Dr. Mario, etc. as category= ‘Block’, sub-category= ‘Falling’.

For sure are no subcategories. At some point, I have to say people can organize their own carts so I’m just trying to get it to be “decent”

Ok, just got it flashed on the Arduboy FX prototype, and this is something else. It’s so awesome to switch between games!

The hardest part is deciding which games I like the most. I actually think being able to easily create your own cart will be something that is attractive as it personalizes the device it’s like a mix tape.

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Bummer :frowning:

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I created a pull request to replace .png files.
Please check it out.

Would be cool to somehow mark games to a favorites list without reflashing.

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Yeah but not easily possible.

Making it super easy for people to build their own carts on the website I think is the answer for this.


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