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I’ve made some real progress with sorting and categories:

I’d still like to split up Arcade and Puzzle. Maybe call “Matching” type games “Skill” games.

And about arcade… there are like 5 pong games, I’m going to cull most of them. Same goes for snake.

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Looking good!
At the end of the RPG you have a couple of stray demo’s: “Rick & Morty”, “Is this Loss?”.

You are playing roles in those game are you not?

Trying to think of a better title than “Balls” maybe… “Bounce” but a bunch of these arcade games are bouncing balls.

@bateske Did you grab millipe off of craits repo? Because its using the old title card

I didn’t collect the files @mameise did and I just forked it from him. If you would like to update the game @Dreamer2345 can you please submit a pull request to:

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If I create an Adventure category, I can move most of what is in Action into that. Then I can move pong and bouncing ball games into action. Should even out I think, although Adventure might be a bit small.


I’m in favor of a ball games catagory :smiley:

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I moved all the ball games into action, for the most part.

Check out the new categorys and rankings, it’s pretty close to the final.

I’m going to cull some of the games that don’t make any sense and I can’t figure out their mechanics or there are other major problems like confusing controls. Also the duplicate snakes and minesweepers etc.

Sigh as much as I want to leave this in extremely bad, I better take it out even though as much as I would love to get a letter from their lawyers, I’d rather not.

I personally think the “Is this Loss?” meme is in bad taste and adds little to the collection.

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No macabre humor allowed, sure whatever I’ll take it out.

As I said in the third post in this topic, ArduBreakout and SetSystemEEPROM from the Arduboy2 library examples would be good to include. Do you need anything from me to have this happen?

It would help me out for me if you compiled the hex, zip the source and make a title image and put it in the tools folder and issue a pull request. I’ll add it to the CSV once I merge the request.

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I see various image sizes in the repository. Is any particular size better for you?

Images should be 128x64 monochrome.

The emulator spits out 512x256 so a lot of them are still at that I’m going through and reducing them as I go modifying them. But if they don’t need to be modified, the script automatically resizes and down samples them, you just have a chance of them looking wrong if they aren’t scaled 1:1 or have other colors.

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@bateske You may put “Cutie E” in Skill.

I feel like Catacombs of the Damned! could really do with a better image for the game select menu:

@vampirics made a quick one here that already is an improvement:

Pasted the logo that @vampirics over a screenshot of the game:

Also made a new logo for MicroCity. Might be too cluttered with the background? Shows what the game is though.


I think they look good - micro city is not too cluttered in my opinion.

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I like them too I was planning on updating catacombs on my own glad you did it, but… is that horizontal line supposed to be in catacombs?

Is this better: