Golf Companion for Arduboy


With the summer weather in my part of the world i have been thinking about how could we use the Arduboy outside? What about using it to keep my Golf scores?

So here it is, the Golf Companion for the Arduboy.

Here are the features:

  • Can keep the scores for up to 4 players
  • You can input your names like on a real scorecard
  • You can enter the PAR for each holes
  • You can turn OFF the arduboy to save battery life during your game and turn it back ON when needed and it will go right back where you left it off like if you never turned it OFF
  • From the main screen you can start a New game to enter all new information or you can choose RESET to just go right in with just the score reset so that you don’t have to enter all the names and PAR again if you play on the same course.
  • Best of all, no paper, no pen needed !!


Q. How do i enter the information in?
A. UP and DOWN arrow to scroll through the letters/numbers. LEFT/RIGHT to move 1 space. A to confirm

Q. How can i change the PAR for each holes?
A. Before starting your actual game of Golf, you must enter the PAR for each hole by moving the selector with the arrows and press A to switch to edit mode, then scroll the the needed value and confirm by pressing A again.

Q. How can i change the SCORE for each player?
A. Same way you did for the PAR.

Q. How do i get to the final scoring screen?
A. when you scroll passed the amount of holes you are playing, it will get you to the final scoring screen.

Some screenshots:

Main Screen

Name Entry Screen

Score Card Screen

Final Scoring Screen

Big Thanks to @filmote for a lot of help on this one! Also thanks to @Pharap for some help as well.

Now if only i had a green Arduboy! that would of been even better! :wink:


I suggest you put all the source files necessary to compile in one single directory named GolfCompanion (and change the #include statements accordingly). Although using subdirectories is nice from an organisational point of view, files in subdirectories won’t be given tabs in the Arduino IDE editor, making it difficult for people using the IDE to examine and edit them.

Really that’s a flaw with the IDE rather than a problem with the code.

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Well, the IDE is open source. You’re welcome to create a PR to rectify the flaw.

In the mean time, “when in Rome…”. It’s better than the likely questions from “noobs” about compile errors, due to not including the entire source tree, or asking why they can’t see files referenced in the source.

I never said it’s a problem with the code. I made a suggestion and gave my reason.

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You are right, when using arduino IDE its not the ideal. I might change that in a future release if its really needed.

Anyone capable of installing the IDE should be just as capable of navigating around a few folders.

There’s a .hex for the rest of them…


I disagree. There is documentation and help available for installing the IDE. However, when used as prescribed, just as it’s not possible to work with files placed in subdirectories, you also can’t create a sketch with files in subdirectories using the IDE editor.

I talked about examining and editing the source. You can’t do that with a .hex file.

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One of the problems I face is when using VSCode (my preferred IDE) is that source files in the root directory are sometimes not visible to the .ino / compilation process. My observation has been that if they have a name that alphabetically comes before the .ino they are invisible. I can’t actually believe this is true but that’s what I have witnessed.


I am also glad I won the game … if only my golf was that good!


If someone’s trying to examine or edit the source then I would hope that they would be familiar enough with a file system to be able to fix compilation errors resulting from misplaced or missing files.

I don’t yet know Python and don’t currently have time to sit down and learn it, so I’ve raised an issue instead.

If I do find time to learn enough Python to be able to provide a PR of good enough quality to be accepted then I may consider creating a PR.

Guys … this is moving off topic. @Vampirics has written something that is interesting and for a change not a game. He has spent a lot of time finessing this and the graphics are great too! A little encouragement would go a long way to help new-comers adopt the platform and coax them to do bigger and better things.

His next big challenge is Ardu-Road:

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Agreed. I’m not sure whether to move or delete, so I’ll leave it to @Vampirics to say whether he wants the existing posts moved, deleted or left alone.

I will delete any attempts to further the discussion though.
If someone wishes to discuss the matter further, they can flag and request the discussion be migrated to another thread.

Agreed, it’s a very unique idea and the graphics are exceptionally good.

@Vampirics is easily one of our best artists.

Whoa!! This is very pretty!!

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Imagine if @Vampirics and @luxregina got together … what a game they could produce!

I second that! The graphics are great (and I’ve been silently checking his other games as well - amazing stuff!).
What’s even more notable is that someone that can design that well with such tight constraints can also code well! Congratulations!


Gave this a little test run today - but not for its intended use. My son is a scout and we have been selling raffle tickets at the local shops … tracked the scouts against each other!


I’m just imagining how cool it would be to add autoPowerDown() to this.


Yes it would be good. If a player turns the app off and back on again it resumes exactly where it left off … but if they forget and leave it on while they are busy in the 19th hole, the battery will run out.


If using sleep it may be best to also use a button combo to avoid unwanted button presses.

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