Google Hangout (maybe?)

Hey everyone, I was thinking about doing a google hangout where people could ask questions about the design or really anything… or we could do an AMA, but this forum already is kind of an AMA anyways so just thought would take it live if anyone wanted?

Could also do a mumble voice chat too?

Thought it might be helpful here as it comes time to finalize the circuit board in the next few weeks.

What do you think?

Feel free to go off topic here if you’ve got anything else you’d like to see as far as content too!


Replying to this post because Mumble is great open-source software that everyone should be using :grin:

This thread looks like a flop, looks like its just you and me @ekem cool kid party can I get a what what?

:sunglasses: You know how I feel about Reddit. Just start the hangout randomly one night and announce it in IRC, record it and put it on Youtube.

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did the hangout/mumble already end?

We never did it but I think I’ll schedule a Mumble session for when I release the original prototype design files.

I think that maybe you can try this thread again now that people are getting their dev kits. I’ve never done Arduino dev and I really enjoy the constraints the hardware imposes. I wouldn’t mind hearing about design decisions made in the Arduboy. Can the hardware change in a way to make the community bigger?

I’m going to head back to Portland in a couple weeks to take care of some business at home. The internet is good enough I could probably do this. Good chance for people to ask questions too.

Standby I’ll make a new thread with details as soon as I get a schedule figured out.