Google Position 0?

(Kevin) #1

What do people get when they search arduboy by curiosity? I’m starting to get a position 0 result which grabs the wikipedia entry:

Actually very curious to see what comes up for people in other countries if you can please share! Be sure to block out any private details if you take a screen shot!

(Ramon Moorlag) #2

I’ve used Amazon to find an Arduboy. So now I’m being followed everywhere with commercials.
Next search items are

  • Sos solutions (Dutch retail)
  • YouTube with Arduboy
  • pimoroni

(Kevin) #3

Ah yah, mobile. Ok looks like you aren’t getting the wikipedia results. But since they are in english that may not be surprising. Thank you to whoever is doing the wikipedia.

(Scott R) #4

I get:
Arduboy dot com
Arduboy-Buy Now
Pimoroni store
Wikipedia page

(Boti Kis) #5

(Kevin) #6

scheisse :poop::poop:

Interesting when I try with internet explorer (lol) not logged in I don’t get the shopping suggestions, but still get the dynamic results on the right. I’m gonna mess with my vpn tomorrow.

This happened before but went away.

(Scott R) #7

Now you’ve done it Dragonbox handheld section is amazing.

(Pharap) #8

My results probably won’t be fair because I block google’s shopping ads and have cookies disabled by default (I only enable cookies for sites where I actually want or need them).

It’s quite fun because Google sometimes randomly uses one of its older themes.

Anyway, I get:

(I never noticed before, but Google swaps out the link when you click on any of its links. I wonder if I can identify and disable the script that does that, it should make the pages load faster.)

Just accidentally stumbled upon the Arduboy Reddit.
Why does that even exist? The party’s over here.

(Simon) #9


(Michael Gollnick) #10

Same here in Germany