Got a busted screen, how can I replace it

My ol’ Arduboy screen has given up the ghost. None of the usual bricked console fixes work, it’s got dead pixels and lines, so I’m just going to solder in a new one.

Question is…what kind of screen is it, so I can make sure I get the correct one?

SSD1306 OLED 128x64, 1.3"

Good luck! I have no patience for such small connections lol

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Thank you sir!

Me neither, but I gotta fix it somehow!

Have you sent a message to @bateske? Idk if there’s any stock left but the screen breaking is a very rare issue, maybe you could get a replacement.

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Not yet, I know the arduboys are out of stock until like next year

I might be able to repair or replace it for you write to


will do! thanks!