Got my Arduboy!

(Ben) #1

After furiously refreshing the tracking page for a few days, I got my Arduboy last week! Unfortunately, customs decided to hold it ransom and charged me £13.79 to collect it. With the black Friday discount, I ended up paying slightly more than a UK store at £48.59 total. Still, after getting my hands on it, it’s well worth it!

As an electronics enthusiast and lover of all things retro gaming, this thing ticks all my boxes! It looks stunning (packaging was pretty great too!), and those buttons. I can feel the work that has gone into them, and easily comparable to the finest handheld consoles.

I’ve loaded a handful of games on to it so far, just to get a general feel, and I’m very impressed! I could keep going on and on, but beautiful work! I couldn’t have dreamed a finished product better myself.

I had already been scrolling through Erwin’s collection for some time, so it was really good to see the games properly. The first couple of times I had to upload the game twice with Arduboy uploader, but it was no issue really.

I’ve ordered a credit/ID card case from Israel, which is taking it’s time getting here, but looks to be perfect for the Arduboy. I’ll be sure to get some pics when it arrives, and then I’ll feel much better taking it out and about wherever I go!

(Holmes) #2

Glad you’re enjoying it!! Let us know which games you like the most when you get around to trying more out. :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #3

Sorry about the taxes there’s nothing we can do about that really! Glad you are enjoying the Arduboy!

(Pharap) #4

They usually do, sadly.

(Scott R) #5

The bit that gets me is the handling fee the delivery service chuck on top for dealing with the taxes.

Welcome to the community Ben :+1:t2:

(Ben) #6

Not your fault at all, and it was still a perfectly reasonable price :smile:

(Ben) #7

Yeah, the actual taxes were only £5.79, but the handling fee was £8! There really needs to be some common sense applied where the taxes are lower than the fee. But I suppose we don’t argue because we want our cool stuff :laughing:


(Ramon Moorlag) #8

What case did you get?

(Ben) #9

I got a Witz See it Safe. I spotted one at a recent conference hanging from a lanyard where a guy had a few cards with an ID at the front inside. Apparently they’re water tight and used by the likes of surfers on the water.

They come in all kinds of colours and patterns but I went for the clear one so as to not hide the beauty of the Arduboy!

(Ben) #10

This is the case! It fits pretty well, just a little bit of rattle, but not enough to do any damage at all. Theres a rubber seal around the opening too, so it certainly looks water tight. Defintiely good enough to throw in a bag.

(Pharap) #11

Reminds me of a museum display case for some reason.

Looks a bit OTT, but at least your Arduboy won’t get damaged. :P

(Kevin) #12

Wow that is an amazing case! Where did you find it can you post a link?

(Ben) #13

It’s an Ebay seller based in Israel:

It has a G-Shock kind of feel, where it is a little OTT, crush resistant and waterproof, but I like it :grinning:

(Josh) #14

Think this is the same one selling on Amazon as well:
This looks like a great case, I personally just use an old wallet, which I keep my charging cable in and a sim ejector tool.

(Ben) #15

That’s the one! Strange how only a couple of weeks ago my only option seemed to be Ebay direct from Israel! I would love an Arduboy in my wallet but I have one of those minimalist wallets after being tired of carrying a huge one around for years :sweat_smile:

(Ramon Moorlag) #16

Tonight is the first night I can play with my Arduboy; what is the best game to install for the first time? What game showcases all an Arduboy has to offer?

(Scott R) #17

whats your preferred genre?

(Ramon Moorlag) #18

I love platform games.

(Scott R) #19

Omega Horizon
Mystic Balloon
Castle boy
Not Just A Hat Rack

not a platformer but Virus LQP-79 is fun

(Ramon Moorlag) #20

and need to impress my students tomorrow :slight_smile: thanks
Can I have more then one game on the Arduboy, or does it need to be flashed for every game?