Got my Arduboy!

flashed between games unless your handy with a soldering iron then you can add flash storage with @Mr.Blinky’s custom bootloader.

O yes, I can use a soldering iron :slight_smile:

This has been asked several times in the past. Here’s my favorites.

If you like platformers, give Midnight Wild a try! :slight_smile:

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Punching myself in the face for forgetting Midnight Wild

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LodeRunner and 1943, both by @filmote
Dark & Under by @filmote, @luxregina and @Pharap
CastleBoy by @dir3kt
Microcity by @jhhoward
RogueBoy by @Dreamer2345 (unfinished, but forever one of my favourites)

And of course the elephant in the room, Arduventure by @TEAMarg

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I’ve still not played Arduventure even though I backed it and have the special edition.

In all honesty, it’s the same for me.

I really do plan on having a recommended list added to the site “soon”. I meant to do it before the holiday season started but it did not happen yet.

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I think evade2 is the most impressive. The music alone is outstanding enough and that’s on top of it being a 3d space sim on this platform

Let us help, it’s in Markdown?

Today was the first day I had Arduboy with me to school. We had so much fun. My students loved Midnight Wild
Thanks @crait!

Quite a few students added an Arduboy to the last minute Christmas list. And we started with a quick brainstorm on new games.


Bang! Bang! and Night Raid have been pretty addictive for me so far! Definitely takes me back to my childhood :grinning:




That reminds me, I found you an esolang:

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