Graffiti Silkscreen

What do you think of the graffiti silkscreen?

And the yellow on gray?

I just was having fun with the graffiti and posted it on twitter and it really took off. I wasn’t really seriously considering it but maybe. Or at least one version with graffiti.

And thinking of what we have done in the past, I was thinking of doing shout outs on the back side, it’s only going to be a few key players since space is limited but what do you think about having your username in graffiti on the back side?

@pharap @filmote @Mr.Blinky @MLXXXp @FManga @eried

I might be able to fit one or two more if any of you would like to make nominations.


be a few key players since space is limited but what do you

Good idea! :slight_smile:

Graffiti silkscreen?

  • Yes I love it!
  • Something normal please

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I don’t mind if you include my username but I also don’t mind if you don’t. :neutral_face:

What a very scott answer

If anyone that I’ve named or gets nominated wants to submit their own tag I’ll use that, otherwise I’ll make my own tag for you! :slight_smile:

I’d say surprise me :slight_smile:

I appreciate the name inclusion, but I have to be honest: I hate graffiti (in general).

I really like it! I would be honoured to have my name on it!

I think defacing other peoples property that don’t deserve it is a rude thing to do. But when it is on something that is allowed like a PCB it is similar to calligraphy.

I’d be curious for someone who hates graffiti what style they would like their name in now it gives me even more challenge to pick something that you might end up liking :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is gonna fit :sweat_smile:

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Well it fits but not sure how well it will render. If the fab can do 300dpi or better should actually come out pretty good.


I cannot actually read that!

I am not graffiti literate :slight_smile:

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I was really happy with how yours came out @filmote

Actually all of them came out really great @MLXXXp is extra fancy and I made sure @pharap was also very difficult to read :smiley:

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Oh should probably tag the other users who got up

@AMcBain and @Vampirics (Thanks for being a patron!)

@crait @uXe @unwiredben @acedent @jhhoward for their awesome games/contributions to the community


Does look good!

That’s pretty sweet! I’m honored and humbled to be in the render.

Easy to do for hosting a proxy for us! Thanks!


I’m going blinky crazy, I redrew the whole thing in vectors within fusion360 (eagle?) with minimum 3mil line so it should render clearly.

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I still cannot read that … is it just me?

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Check out the rainbow one I posted first, each letter is a different color, it says “MR BLINKY”

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Faaaaark … now that you point it out its somewhat obvious.

I just edited my previous post so I do not look so stupid :slight_smile:

Pharap’s name looks a little out of place though.