Great Hardware; Software needs help

Received my Arduboy in the mail yesterday. Yay!! Very cool. Played around with the game it came loaded with a bit, and then tried some others. Well, about 80% don’t seem to even light up the screen. I’ve tried dl’ing the ones pointed to here (mostly github), and also tried Codebender, but none I found there worked (I’ve used Codebender in the past for other hardware, so am familiar with it, and the process seemed to work (upload was successful), but that was it.

I understand that earlier adopters had the dev board, and so therefore many of the games were written with that in mind. But there really ought to be at least a simple list of games that work with the current KS hardware.

And of course, thank goodness for A.R.G. whose games do seem to support the current board. Yay and thank you!!

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No Arduboy sketches on codebender will work with the production Arduboy, if they use the installed Arduboy library. The Arduboy library they have installed is configured to compile for the Arduboy DevKit.

To get codebender sketches to work, you would have to copy the sketch and then use a personal copy of the Arduboy Library, with the #defines set for a production Arduboy. You might also run into problems if the sketch is outdated and you try to use a more recent version of the library.

some codebender discussion is in here

Yup. I can confirm that :smirk:

Just wishing there was a simple list documenting what games work with each version of the hardware.

It might be useful for you and a few others that are new here to make a list of all the not working games (and links to code)… then we could see about pinging their authors or doing the work ourselves to get them upgraded to work on the production hardware.

Maybe there is already a list of Arduboy stuff on Codebender? Not sure, not familiar with it.

Author of the ‘Mazogs’ game checking in…
I’ve updated it to work on the production Arduboy now… I think… (no way to test it myself, only have a dev kit and the newest libraries), can somebody with a production Arduboy let me know if it works now please? (just to satisfy my curiosity more than anything :grin: )

(Kind of annoying that the pins changed between the dev kit and production, the new library seem to force a screen buffer on you which is why this game can’t really use it)

I believe it is working, Green LED is on during game play and there is no sound. Correct?

Yup, no sound is included… Seems like it’s working though :smiley: Thanks for testing.

I would have the led off, it is bright and doesn’t add any value. The TX led is on even when it is not plugged into a computer.

I don’t know how it “forces” one on you any more so than the old library. If you want to build something really low-level you want to start with ArduboyCore, not Arduboy - since all we have so far high-level is the buffered version.

We should chat on IRC about exactly what type of “mode” you nede and if it would make sense to support better in the libs.

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Hey everyone just wanted to jump in and let you know we are putting the final touches on the Codebender integration. I totally dropped the ball on this one we were supposed to come out of the gate with support but we were late to push updates.

The time we should have spent getting an easy solution, which codebender supplies, was spent trying to get units shipped out the door before we left the USA. So this is my fault, but we will get it fixed very soon.

There is a lot of stuff behind the scenes going on, but also lots of support in the community so if you are having struggles do post up and we will do our best to resolve it.

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