Green Light Won't turn on

It’s plugged into the computer, but the green light won’t come on. Please help me.

Normally when you plug it in, it should be a red light that you see. Not green… Red means that it’s charging. If you want to Plug it in to flash another game, make sure to turn on the Arduboy or it won’t be recognized.

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Now the red light won’t come on.

Keep in mind that when plugged in, when full charge, the red light will not be on.

Can you please be more specific about what you are trying to do?

Does the Arduboy works when turned ON?

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Did you remember to turn the Arduboy on?
There’s a small switch at the top.

Wondering if it’s a micro USB cable for charging only. do you have another cable to test?

What game is on your Arduboy? Some games have USB disabled.

Take a shot at using the interactive troubleshooting guide here:

You should try using a new cable probably. Also might help to let us know what kind of computer you are using. You’ll also need to make sure the Arduboy is turned on.

The green light also only flashes for a fraction of a second, it doesn’t stay on.