Greyscale demo

Some people were interested in how I do grey pixels as I’m doing it slightly different from other people, so here is a simple project showing my method.
The graphics are a tiled image, nothing special there, but I’m flicking between 4 images, giving black, white and 2 grey.


The pic looks really good! Any video?

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I tried, but my phone only catches one of the four frames, so I can only see 1bit colour :frowning:

Attempt at a video…

The shutter speed gets in the way of the screen update. It looks much better in real life.


Super project! Are you have this game in .Arduboy? :grinning:

That’s a brilliant idea!
It puts me in mind of how a DLP (digital light projector) chip works. By ossolating mirrors to produce varying shades of gray.