Guinea Pigs Wanted!

That’s a good idea too. The exit is always at the top but sometimes there are multiple exits. I am sort of assuming that people might use the images I posted as a reference.

As this will take minimal memory, I can probably squeeze it in without losing levels.

OK… a new release.

Hex can be found here >
Code can be found here >

Fixed / Added

  • Changed the ‘distant’ arrow images to lines. Not sure if its better or worse, maybe @eried can comment.
  • Changed the V and M characters. A massive enhancement that will change game play forever.
  • Press and hold A + B to commit suicide.
  • Quick fix for the issue where you fall into a hole but it doesn’t close on you properly.

To Do

  • Sort out the ‘Men’ count after a restore.
  • Implement a level selector and ability to complete levels out of order.
  • Implement a ‘level exit’ arrow.
  • Extend the hole ‘fill in’ time.

Just tried it out now quickly.

  • Not sure why but the game controls better to me now, will test more later.

  • I also tried to replicate the stuck in the brick bug, so far even if you are in the middle of two blocks it does kill you now. Perfect!

  • I like the commit suicide feature, red led and all, really nicely done.

  • Now i was wondering if having the green led light when the end of level ladder appear was something you could want?

I still need to test all the levels so i have to go back at that tonight. Great job @filmote !!


Nice idea!        

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Hoping to finally have so Me time later today to give this a spin.

One thing I would suggest if using the LED would be use setRGB it can be less blinding and offers a larger range of colours. You could even cross fade during a self destruct.

Unfortunately that might cost memory, but it’s a good idea, I greatly dislike that blinding LED.

That is awesome, thanks for the changes, I will test it tonight. You need to make a youtube miniseries: “from retro to arduboy in few hours”.

I have so many game ideas but I never start anything.

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I am not sure! haha I was thinking on something different (original on top and current on middle):

Something really subtle, so distant guys do not distract the player. I am not sure, what does anyone else think?

Love it. There is something weird with the T still… but meh :blush:

I agree with @Vampirics, feels solid and responsive. I am on level 006 now.

Question, does the original one have cheap deaths with enemy spawns? I think that could be avoided not spawning enemies on adjacent blocks…

I am not sure at what level feedback starts to be annoying. I could test and fix those in your code

Easier fix could be to just add a 2 seconds delay before checking for collision when they spawn?

In fairness it’s more than a few hours, @filmote sinks quite a lot of time into making his games.

Maybe just “Retro gamedev with @filmote”.

@eried & @Vampirics, bear in mind every new feature or couple of features is another level lost and means more reflashing.

So … I tried this and it added a whopping 756 bytes to the program so that’s not going to happen.

“from retro to arduboy in few hours days” < sorry to look like @CDR_Xavier but strikeout is appropriate here. Actually, I might withdraw this post at a random date and time.

I think those little lines will be too subtle - it may be visible in the emulator but on the actual Arduboy screen I would be struggling to see it.

That’s the problem with a small 4x5 font. The even number of pixels in the width causes this. I actually think the wider M, W and V look weird but so be it.

The enemies are spawned back in the original spot they started. The do flash a few times before they stand upright - I will need to test but are you saying you die in this period if you touch them? If so, I can probably change that easily.

All feedback is welcome. Don’;t be offended if I simply say ‘no’ though to an idea because I don’t like it or I cannot fit it into the memory constraints of the Arduboy.

No new features will get it the way of the game having 40 levels !


Don’t forget TX RX LED’s are also available to use. If you read a few comments from the following post you may even save a little space using the correct macros.

The only downside would be if you had an active usb connection.

I can give this a try … but if it takes more memory it is probably going to be out!

I kind of frown upon using the TX and RX LEDs. They’re better left for their intended purpose. If used in a sketch, I think they should be reserved for debugging only, as I’ve done with nextFrameDEV().

That said, the proper way to use them is with the TXLED1, TXLED0, RXLED1 and RXLED0 macros.

@filmote, @eried

Is it just me or after level 7, the difficulty is just too much?

I am starting to think that the enemy AI might be the culprit there.
They seem to follow the general position of the player at all time, but that also means that if i am at the top of the stage, and they don’t have something to climb up next to them they just won’t go up. Hence the problem… there’s no way to lure them more than 1 by one unless they are visible on the screen.

So basically that means that everytime that i play, i can get most of the gold without problems, but if i ever have to drop to ground level, most of the time there’s like 5 enemies waiting under. So everytime a gold piece is in a enclosed wall and i need to dig and drop down. they all are waiting for me.

Couple things:

  • On levels with no ground level like lvl 9, when you dig the floor that isn’t there, they appear and refill at the top of the level. I don’t think it breaks the game so far but i just thought i should let you know.

  • I watched the AppleII version and in that version, the holes takes 6 seconds before starting to regenerate, in your version it’s after between 3-5 seconds (weird but it seems to not take the same amount of time depending on the level and how many holes there is), that might change the difficulty a lot on later levels.

  • I also notice that for some levels to be beatable, you have to use where the enemies respawn. On Lvl 25 for exemple, I checked your Levels.xlsm and did’t see the reentry point where it needs to be. So that level might be impossible to complete you can see on this screenshot that the gold (6) at the top right can’t be taken unless an enemy spawn there.


EDIT: After playing a little more on the lvl25 i noticed that there’s no reentry point, they just respawn at their initial position when we start the level. It confirme that some levels like lvl25 can’t be completed in the current version. It does look like you did plan to use reentry point but did not add them yet from looking at the legend in your file.

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Thanks @Vampirics … this is exactly the sort of feedback I am looking for.

New Features / Fixes

  • The player shouldn’t be able to dig on solid ground (obviously) so I have fixed that.

  • When I looked at the refilling of holes, I noticed that ones burnt to the left of a player were taking longer to fill than those burnt to the right. I had two different values - one as a constant and one as a #define. I increased the delay of the left by about 20% and made the right the same. This is stored in an #define called HOLE_REFILL_TIME and it is set to 220 which may be a little long. This value can be anywhere between 33 and 255 (as the code assumes its an unsigned char and as it counts down the hole begins to fill at 32).

  • With the re-spawning, I originally had the idea of specifying four reentry points as part of the level but removed it as I ended up randomly choosing the re-entry points or aligning them side by side with the starting points for enemies … eventually, I just pulled it out. But now it all makes sense and I have retrofitted the entry points and arbitrarily picked new values. Its interesting that the original level maker images doesn’t show reentry points so I assume the original randomly picked values.

  • With @MLXXXp’s help, I have changed the red LED. When committing suicide (the A + B button), its not so bright and it wanes as the player dies. Now @Keyboard_Camper can play the game under his bed covers without upsetting the rest of the family.

To Do

  • Sort out the ‘Men’ count after a restore.
  • Implement a level selector and ability to complete levels out of order.
  • Implement a ‘level exit’ arrow and possibly a green LED indicator.
  • Extend the hole ‘fill in’ time.

The new HEX can be found here >
Source coed can be found here >


I have had a look at this problem and really I am finding it hard to think of a good solution.

Currently, the players will always try to move towards you. If you are above them on a higher level, sometimes they simply oscillate backwards and forwards below you - even though there is a ladder two or three cells away.

Without some more complex AI that is possibly beyond me and the memory available, I am thinking of simply throwing some random elements into their movements which may overcome this. For the above example, if they start moving left then right then left again then I might ‘force’ them to move three or four elements before they get to choose a direction based on your position. If in this time they have passed a ladder, the natural direction choosing might take them up the ladder …

I have just completed a cut that incorporates some random actions in with the ‘AI’. It should address the issues mentioned above … but the downside is that sometimes the enemies run off in weird and wonderful directions.

Anyhow, I am seriously running low on PROGMEM and will need to spend some time trying to free up memory before I can add any enhancements. I even have small intro music piece contributed by @Vampirics that I want to include be as yet cannot due to memory …

The V0.94 hex can be found here >
The code can be found here >

@pharap if you are reading this, I am desperate for a few hundred bytes if you think you can find some.

Great! I can finally lure them where i want them better now. Thanks! Need to test some more now.

Just noticed another thing. In the original game the enemies can walk over the other enemies that are in holes. In your version they can’t always do it for some reasons. And i believe its needed in some level to complete them.

I really like the gameplay even more now with the new AI.