Hackaday story on the Mod-Chip!

Very nice coverage today! I found the mod chip install to be quite easy and it definitely makes the device a much better machine for playing games.


Very nice article and a big thumbs up to Kevin and anyone who has collaborated especially mr blinky.
In Dutch (and maybe in more languages) we have the saying “they’ve got some feathers stuck up their butt” and we’ll deserved IMHO!

Edit “sticking feathers up your butt does not make you an eagle” does not have the same meaning btw

The dutch feathers up ones arse are 100% positive.


@tuxinator2009 they have called you out in this article. Time to complete your loader tool.

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Yes that’s a nice article! I was even named :blush:


Too right - you should be!


Yes this is a big thumbs up and congrats to @mr.blinky this is all because of your hard work and awesome support and dedication to the platform. Everyone on the community should know that you’ve helped me a bunch in private messages as well, so you deserve a hat tip and then some.

It stung a little bit when I read it’s taken 3 years to get from your prototype to this stage now! Wow does the time fly! I could have maybe launched it in 2019, but wasn’t until late in that year did I get the idea to have the self bootloading function. Which, I think we can all agree was a well-worth addition.

Once the FX finally gets out of Seeed Studio then really excited to see what developers will use all of the extra space for.

Actually, I’m looking at having to start a SECOND batch already, I’m getting very close to selling through all of the 1,000 units I ordered. There are 500 that will go to distributors but I think those will move pretty fast as well.

Now that the console is attractive to casual gamers, I am going to see about trying to market it in more retail type settings. But actually that might be a keychain / mini type situation to make it cheaper and more cute style. Probably with a new name. Don’t know. 32u4 is getting more expensive every day, really need to switch away from it.

Perhaps this second batch of FX will be the final one for product carrying the Arduboy name and the direct 32u4 compatibility.

Although, still planning on getting the XL (GBA replacement PCB) out in the next couple months!

Thanks again everyone!! None of this would be happening without your support!!


Well this just makes me smile, thanks for adding my game to it

Came here from Hackaday!
I hadn’t checked in on the arduboy in a loooong time and am finally going to pull the trigger.
The Arduboy FX come with the exrta memory chip and pre-loaded games, right?
It’ll still be possible to add additional games without over writing existing ones, right?

The Arduboy FX works just like the normal Arduboy so you can flash individual games without affecting the ones on the external flash. If you want to change the games on external flash there are some python tools for that now but hoping to have an easier to use interface soon.