Hacking the PCB

For a special project I need to modify the hardware of an Arduboy. Is the PCB design available somewhere?
I need to add a component that will have to be connected in parallel to the on/off switch. On the right side of the on/off switch there is free space on the PCB (just above the screen). I am wondering if I could destroy anything drilling through in that area so that one lead of my component can pass through the PCB and then be soldered to VBAT, the plus pole of the battery. The other lead of the new component needs to connect to VCC. Is that the lead on the right side of the switch seen from the front of the Arduboy?

The PCB is only double sided, so there are no buried traces. To the right of the switch, above the display, there is nothing but copper pour ground plane on both sides. It should be safe to drill though it there. Make sure whatever you pass though the hole(s) doesn’t short to the ground plane, by using insulated wire or cutting away the copper plane around the hole.


Thanks. Time to get out my drill.