Hacktoberfest is coming

I got an email this morning from Digital Ocean about their upcoming Hacktoberfest event. This is a thing they run every October to get people to contribute to open source projects. Last year, if you registered with them then made at least four non-spammy pull requests to open source projects on GitHub, you qualified for a free T-shirt and sticker pack. Last year, I qualified by making contributions to the Hackaday Supercon badge repos, so they definitely considered embedded work to be valuable.

Given the awesome number of open source projects in the Arduboy world, it seems like a natural fit for developers working on games in the open to help each other and get some nice swag.

Details are up at https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ … in September, they’re looking for project owners who want contributions to tag open issues on their projects with #hacktoberfest so attract developers looking for things to hack on.