Halloween Harry '86 [WIP]

Hey all, I made a game way back in 1985 for the Microbee called Halloween Harry and I thought it would be fun to make the sequel that never was on the Arduboy.

If it’s okay, I’ll post my progress here.

A big shout out to the forum members who have created this amazing community. There is such a wealth of knowledge here that has made it easy (and fun) to start programming a game!

And here’s some info on Harry - it’s been remade a few times:
Halloween Harry aka Alien Carnage



What a great idea to resurrect something from 35 years ago!

How far did you get with the previous game?

The original was released on cassette tape and 3.5 inch disk, but the sequel had only got as far as sketches for new enemies and game mechanics. Rescuing hostages was a new mechanic which made it into the 1993 Apogee release.

Oh … I thought you meant that you made a version for Microbee but you meant you authored it and distributed the game. Nice work!

Still living off the royalties?

Yes, there was a Microbee version, but the royalties ended a long time ago :grinning:

It was sold on cassette tape and floppy disk in local computer stores in Australia. The PC version was sold as PC Shareware by Apogee. I finished high school and never got the time to make another Microbee game as I moved away to study at university. So HH '86 is my chance to revisit what could have been :slight_smile:

You’re Australian? So am I (Melb, in lock down)

I had an Apple II BITD so was unfamiliar with the releases on Microbee. What was the screen resolution on the Microbee - does it lend itself to simple translation to the Arduboy or are you starting from scratch?

Yes, I am an Aussie too! I’m in Brisbane.

The Microbee was 512x256, so a bit more screen real estate to play with. I’m making this version have a scrollable level so I can use the original 16x16 sprites and take some inspiration from the original game, but otherwise it’s from scratch.

BTW 1944 is awesome!! Played it on the emulator (my Arduboy is arriving today… hopefully). Are you the dev behind all the Press Play on Tape games??

I just looked up the specs for the Microbee - 64 x 16 chars, a strange screen size when the norm was 40 or 80 chars wide. Of course the Vic20 only had 22 x 23 (a really strange size). I guess we are so spoilt nowadays with my current Mac having a 5K resolution.

Yep, Press Play on Tape is @Vampirics and myself.

We have made a bunch of games together on both the Arduboy and the Pokitto. We have even ported some from one to the other.

BTW congrats on winning the Olympics for 2032 ! (I am sure you had a big part in it personally).

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Man, your games are awesome! I can’t wait to play them on the actual Arduboy hardware.

And yes,we are spoiled by screen size as well as computing power these days. But that’s what’s so appealing about these machines - constraints that actually mean you can make something.

So are you involved in the game dev scene in Melbourne? I have a bunch of friends down there making games for PC, console, etc.

Nah, I don’t do anything other than the Arduboy and Pokitto … I am a developer by trade but in boring corporate world.

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I was going to ask - was the original written in Basic or something else? C++??

Yes, the original was written in the Microbee’s Microworld Basic with a dash of assembly for the sound effects. The PC reboot was written in Turbo Pascal!

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