Happy cake day and shout out 🎂

(Boti Kis) #1

Happy Cake day @Pharap and a ton of thanks in the name of the whole community for all your help and dedication! :smiley: :cake:

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #2

Yes, amazing works of some and mainly amazing works of Pharap.
Thanks to him for all informations and time given to help all to progress and make amazing games.
Happy birthday

(Scott R) #3

He’s great every device needs one.

(Shawn) #4

Happy bday Pharap! Someone get this man an arduboy shaped cake stat!


He earned at least 3 pieces of cake :cake: :cake: :cake:

(Nicole Birgel) #6

Wow, happy :cake: day, pharap :skull:

(goes by "spacebruce" elsewhere) #7

He’s a good guy, possibly the most patient person on the planet, considering he’s basically taught my dumb face C++ from scratch and puts up with my whittering.

I can arrange that.

(Simon) #8

Happy :cake: day!

Another shout out thread? You are popular!

(Scott R) #9

What game is this, did it ever get finished?

(Kevin) #10

Yeah I think its fair to say that @Pharap along with others have helped keep Arduboy going and responsible for a bunch of people having a positive experience and for sure I appreciate it!

(Simon) #11

I changed the cars to planes and it became 1943.


Thanks for all the fish m8

(Pharap) #13

I’ve been away for most of the day so I’ve only recently spotted this.

I didn’t have a chance to reply earlier,
and when I did get chance I’ve been stuggling to think of something to say.

I feel like I’ve been handed an award and now I’m expected to give a speech that I haven’t written.


I think I’ll just say that if anyone has ever learnt anything from me then the best thanks you can give is to pass the knowledge on to someone else.

I’ll stop there, otherwise this will turn into a laundry list of soppy clichés.

It’s not my birthday, it’s my cake day.
A cake day is the anniversary of someone joining a forum.
(It was started by Reddit, and other forums copied it.)

I joined on “Dec 19, '15” according to my profile, 3 years is a scary amount of time.

If I got a third device I think I’d struggle to keep up.
(Perhaps we could arrange to have me cloned? :P)

I didn’t realise there was a skull one.
:skull: Aparently there’s one in unicode too :skull:

I was never this popular in school.
Clearly I must be doing something right.
Maybe it’s all the bad jokes? :P

Let me guess, it’ll be made from couscous? :P

(Shawn) #14

Oops totally made the wrong assumption (I’m not a reddit follower, so I’ve never heard of it before). Now that I know what cakeday is lol, happy belated cakeday Pharap!!!

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #15

cakeday is a form of birth day… the birth day on the forum… I try to save me as i didn’t known this word yet and i thanls you for your explanation (After C++, you have to make us progreww with english now… You’re not near to have time for your other life :smiley: )

(Pharap) #16

Neither am I. I learnt about it from this forum.
I was confused the first time I saw it because it wasn’t my birthday.

For French-speakers,
British English is probably easier to learn than American English because we use more French spellings.
(E.g. “Theatre” (British) vs “Theater” (American) and “Litre” (British) vs “Liter” (American).)

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #17

True but with me you’ll have alot works anyway :slight_smile: