Happy New Year 2018 How are we doing?

Ok so it’s a new year and thanks to all of you Arduboy has been in business and my full time job for 4 years! Holy Cow! :cow2:

Let us know how we are doing, what you want to see next.

What have we been doing well? What do we suck at? What needs to happen in your mind?

Things on my to-do list:
Official Game Repo / Uploader Tool (Seriously, this has to finally happen!)
Proper Documentation mini-site (The fact we don’t have this embarrass me make it hard to sleep)
Education!!! Must make a classroom curriculum! Arduboy the book! (Please reach out if you can help)

Things not really on my to-do list:
New Hardware (WHAT!?)
… It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just the current hardware is still selling well and until I finish the other things on my to-do list… Arduboy isn’t “done”.
… but actually I have a new product that isn’t arduboy but instead music related I might do as a side project. Music nerds write me a note :notes:

Let me know how crazy or stupid it all sounds. Thanks everyone for keeping this community :100: Seriously I can’t stress how awesome everyone is! I never expected to see so many amazing talented people from around the world join in on this party. I wish we could all get together and have a party some time!

Ok your turn! If you ran Arduboy, what would YOU do?


You Guys have been doing well the past year! I recently got my Arduboy for Christmas and I love it. Keep up the good work! Im exited to see what that music related project might be. i really can’t wait to see what is coming down the line!

Sound nerd reporting :raised_hand: I’m very curious to know what this is about!

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I am personally OK with the hardware. What I mostly do with my Arduboys is to dream new games and thinker… but without actually doing anything because not enough time.

And if I were a teacher I would happily use Arduboy :smiley: but I am not a teacher :rofl:


Aside what you mentioned (documentation minisite, although this can be found pretty easily within the forum) there isn’t much that is missing, IMO.

One thing I would consider: since the emphasis is so much on the games (after all, it’s sold as a “gaming” handheld) I think you guys should have searchable game reviews section: I’ve tried TONS of games on my arduboy, found products I loved, some that spoke to me less, but every time I picked a game to download, it was somewhat based on a screenshot or some random luck: I’m sure I missed plenty of fine and fun games.

Having some sort of reviews to help me choose what games to download would be good.

Of course, it would have to be curated by the community, with some rules: maybe people that made the game can’t review it? or maybe a product needs at least two reviews to be featured? I don’t really know.


I appreciate the occaisonal awful pun.

This might sound a bit odd, but I think there ought to be a minor review of the site moderators.
One moderator has been inactive for over a year, and one has been inactive for 9 months.

Additionally some of the other moderators are more active than others. (This is completely understandable because the less active ones are busy with important things like Arduventure and managing shipping, both of which are incredibly important.)

While I don’t think moderators are needed that frequently since we rarely have any incidents, I still think it would be good to appoint some new ones. Partly as a precaution, partly because it’s somewhat reassuring for new users

Also there was a game released recently with some questionably sexual content which made me wonder if we might one day need a rating system. Currently there’s no policy as to what constitutes violent or sexual content or what warnings need to be given (e.g. does there need to be a warning for expletives?).

Personally I have no problem with such content and don’t necissarily want to discourage people from touching upon such subject matters, but it’s a fact that children use the Arduboy and the hopes are to get it in schools so it could be an issue someday.

I’m concerned about people complaining about there not being a warning about swearing/violence/sexual content in a game - something like that could lose sales and damage the Arduboy’s reputation.

Although there aren’t many games on the Arduboy with questionable topics yet, their creation seems somewhat inevitable, so I think it might be worth considering whether to have some policies in place just in case.


It sure would be nice to have at least some sort of guideline beyond common forum etiquette.
“Add [18+]/[NSFW] on thread titles if your game might need it” (if this kind of content is to be allowed at all) and “Don’t clone the falling blocks game.”


This is a good point something I’ve thought about for a while. There will be a thunderdome event and anyone left standing can be a mod.

Yeah theoretically our site is ages 13 and above. I’ll have to go take a closer look at the sketch but in general this hasn’t been an issue up until now.

You’re welcome to make whatever you want and share it on your own websites I just have to enforce trademarked material.

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The enforcement is reasonable, I’m not complaining (and sorry if I sounded like I was). My wording was off, but I meant to say that newcomers might need guidance in regards to certain content in the forum.

I’m pleased to hear that and think it’s a good decision. I’m seeing many improvements like optimized libraries and new sound libraries that make it possible to squeeze even more out of Arduboy then before and a there’s a growing community contributing new Arduboy awesomeness.

I’ve got quite a list of things I like to do for Arduboy in 2018 and I hope I can find the time to work and complete most of them:

  • more low level library optimisations
  • userfriendly board package with more features
  • File explorer / burner tool that runs in bootloader mode.
  • an even more awesome custom bootloader
  • making a puzzle game, Frogger and Rally-X near arcade conversions
  • build and complete some clones.

The sketch itself isn’t the issue per se, it’s more the fact that none of us know what the policy is on such things.

If there was a clear rule such as “sexual images or references require an explicit warning in the topic title” or “no sexual content” then we could all confidently know whether or not a game is breaking the forum rules or what needs to be done to follow the forum rules.

Instead we were kind of clueless and some of us felt the need to suggest something as a precaution, which felt a bit awkward because we didn’t know whether we were doing the right thing or not.

(This particular case was also a bit hard to judge because nudity wasn’t intended, but some people (myself included) interpreted it as nudity because of the image quality.)

I agree that in general it hasn’t been an issue, and in this particular case nobody took offence and the content wasn’t particularly explicit or anything.

However it’s brought to light the fact that if someone were to ever publish a sexually explicit game, pretty much none of us here would know what to do - whether to suggest putting ‘18+’ in the title, whether to ask the person to delete the thred, or whether to do absolutely nothing and treat it like any other game.

It’s not an urgent matter, but I think it’s better to have a pre-emptive ruling in place so that when it happens forum members know how to respond.

Definitely … I think this should be Erwin’s one. Maybe if you can add Mac support to this you have a winner!

I am interested in helping here - I have already contributed to the Magazine and some of this could be re-purposed and new items written. @FManga’s ProjectABE could be part of this solution.

Add this to @eried’s repository?


I partly agree, but I think a (properly secure) REST API should be added to make developing custom download/upload clients easier.

Also, https instead of http.

Something codeschool-like, maybe?

Wait until you discover that his repo is backed by a Hibernate database.

Hibernate or any other ORM? I am out.

What do you have in mind?

I was thinking of adding a Scratch-like IDE/compiler for the mobile version, as dragging-and-dropping blocks on a touch screen is less painful than typing code on one, but I guess it could be useful on the PC in an educational context.

Wasn’t there already work being put into using Arduboy in education?

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I am not really sure.

My initial thought was that having to upload code to a physical Arduboy in a classroom environment might be difficult - kids will break the units, steal them … who knows?

Scratch does a wonderful job introducing kids to programming. I see the Arduboy as the next step.

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Yes, there is: https://community.arduboy.com/c/education, but there hasn’t been much new material save articles written by @JO3RI and @filmote for the Magazine.

Agree! Last month (and this month’s) magazine’s Fresh New Games are reviewed by Jereme from http://www.nintendomainpodcast.com. Would a rating system be good? Or maybe to add a (forever open) poll for each game post?

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I like the poll idea, but it has a few unfortunate downsides.

Firstly polls reset if they get edited.
And secondly I’m not sure it’s possible to collect and store poll data (i.e. for displaying ratings on the online repository).

A modified version of the poll might work though, or a custom poll-like ‘widget’ (assuming discourse allows such things to be embedded in a page).

Ratings are good, but without a short review, they can lack information - that’s just my opinion though. I think a poll that can be maintained by the community is a very good idea. Again the idea is to inform new owners on what to consider when they are downloading stuff on their machine, so a poll would do that - alhough I think reviews are usually a bit more in depth.
Nice to see the video “let’s play” on the nintendomainpodcast! looking forward for more!

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I like to finally finish my battleship game.
So far everything is done but enemy ai. Wish I wouldn’t be so busy.
When it’s done there is already an idea for another game. Need some time off work.