Happy New Year 2018 How are we doing?

Does it have to be more than a (standardised) static JSON file? Granted, an API would be good for features like easily adding new submissions, but it has restrictions (you can’t host on github, CDNs, or other static file servers) and complications (want to host a mirror on a non-php server? You’ll have to port/reimplement some code first).

I’m not sure.
I only know so much about about web apis.

I was just thinking http get on meaningful urls to fetch games (e.g. GET https://games.arduboy.com/rest.php?user=Pharap&game=Easter+Panic or GET https://games.arduboy.com/rest.php?id=someLongGuidOrUniqueHashCode) and something a bit more secure for posting games (e.g. requiring a key assigned to a user’s forum account to verify).
(And obviously use https rather than http.)

The client is going to request the game from whatever the repo.json points to, so I don’t think there’s a practical difference between https://server/user/Pharap/game/Easter+Panic or the links we have now.
ProjectABE would actually benefit from HTTPS (and enabling CORS). For non-browser-based clients, though, plain HTTP is good enough.

If the API is going to allow for uploads and authentication, then yes, HTTPS is obviously necessary. This is something that might not need standardization, however. If one repo takes submissions by pull request, another takes them by e-mail, and another by POST… is this a problem?

In some cases it’s most likely possible to map the different mechanisms to each other by using a proxy system.

For example, GIthub has its own REST API that allows people to create automated accounts, so it would be possible to create a server that accepts a POST and then creates a PR on a repo in response.

Equally a server could poll a github repo hourly for changes and use that to create POST request (essentially the inverse). The Arduino IDE does something similar for updating libraries.

Email would be pretty much the same story.

I want to set up a google hangout sometime in February for anyone and everyone who would like to contribute, interested in being a moderator, or anyone who is very active on the community site.

I’d love to get your real time feedback on some ideas and hear your suggestions as well. I want to establish something like guidelines and a shared vision for how to continue growing the platform. Then after that we can set up some new moderator privileges and stuff.

P.S. Last month the community activity went up almost 80%! Everyone here is so amazing. I really love to see developers helping beginners!


Does that require some external account or just a forum account?

google hangout you use google

Google hangouts? Doesn’ this forum have the functionality to do what you want without resorting to another technology?

For doing a voice call? No the forum doesn’t have that.

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After installing a fresh OS I thought I would follow the latest quick start guide to see where new users end up looking at it from a perspective of someone whose never done it before with little tech knowledge :

At the initial “Welcome to your Arduboy!” I’m met with two options:

  1. I want to Learn! - Create your own games, learn about microelectronics and learn to code in C++ using Arduino.

  2. I want to Play Games! - Download and play over 200 incredible games created by members of the community.

Sure I want to lean but yikes that sounds scary… lets go option 2 and just jump into the fun like on a SNES.
–> WTF?? a forum? --> ok we can do this…“Hi I’m new how do I play games?” -->“OMG they are they sent me back to option 1.”

  • I find that step 2 doesn’t flow freely into step 3 it kinda leaves you hanging midway, they could possibly be part of the same step.

  • I would also list the FixedPoints library in step 3 as its required by some games

  • I would unhide the board packages and make it recommended as this has an outcome on compiled size making it an optional step 5.

  • Make step 5 step 6

I feel Option 2 needs to go to an online repo with uploader.


Hrm, that would explain a lot.

Perhaps until we have an official repo and/or client we should be pointing people to the existing repos and clients with the ‘I just want to play games’ option.

Only the one game sadly, but thank you for remembering about that. I forgot to follow that up because I got involved with Dark & Under only a few weeks after publishing.

Totally agree and that’s the plan. I have meant to make a directory page with options for all the game loaders and repositories with accordion fly out for instructions on how to use each one.

One thing I’d like to discuss is potentially giving some moderators an account on the wordpress site to make drafts of pages like this. But I’m not sure how interested someone is to take that on. I also don’t really know much about setting up security on wordpress accounts because it also hosts the store.

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The other day I noticed google docs can now save as draft and upload to Wordpress.org so uploading images and content from a .doc is pretty simple. If .com has this plugin also you could just have people send you the drafted file for review without giving Wordpress access.

Considering giving people access to the blog to write drafts and use the blog instead of the magazine.

Does it even need to be a blog? Does the website allow you to define a ‘category’ that requires approval from admin before people can post new topics? I would hate to see a blog that allows people to post articles but not let people comment in return. I think also that the entirety of the content - the normal categories and the ‘magazine’ articles - should all be searchable within the one site. Maybe the blog allows this, maybe not.

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Most of the time on developing the magazine is spent doing typesetting and that’s not a value add. We can streamline the process and meanwhile make it more available to users as it’s available to google searches as well.

There will be categories yes, and you can create tags. It would be searchable.

I haven’t posted anything on the blog in forever so just publishing content to the blog instead of the magazine.

The way it’s published now via pdfs can’t be searched easy or do any of the kind of category organization you’re mentioning so all of that will be improved. We would try to make a post every week but with contributing members it could be much more than that.

Obviously the PDF file now also doesn’t allow for discussion… but the idea would be to make a companion thread in the community which would allow for discussion of the blog articles. So you would click on the bottom [discuss this post in the community] link.

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Two little thoughts I’ve had that might help when the time comes:

I think one of the things that put(s) people off contributing to the magazine is not knowing what to write about.

So my idea is to give the magazine/blog has a ‘wanted’ section listing topics that they are looking for people to donate articles about. E.g. “making pixel art” or “C++11 language features” or “how to compose music for ATMLib”

I think if people saw “the magazine/blog wants articles about these topics” they might think “oh, I know how to do that, I’ll donate an article”.

Also (although I accept this might be difficult), maybe giving more encouragement for people to leave their (brutally honest) thoughts about articles - what they liked, what they didn’t like, was it useful etc.

(To this day I’m still not completely sure how useful the articles I contributed were.)

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I’m 50/50 on a commenting system you only need to look at YouTube and social media comments to see what a slippery slope allowing comments can be.

That’s true, but when was the last time you saw someone from the forums here getting ad-hominem? If the comments were just from forum users here then I (for one) would be reasonably confident that we’d be in safe hands.

(Granted there have been a few arguments in the past, but they mostly stayed polite and I don’t think there’s been anything that’s caused serious offense.)

Commenting about magazine articles on the forums is already allowed, but there’s rarely feedback about specific articles. Finding a way to encourage more specific constructive feedback is something I think would be beneficial for the magazine/blog.
(Not that I pretend to know how to do that other than asking nicely.)

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I created a separate topic for something I’ve been thinking about so not to derail this one.

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